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Posts from June, 2020

  • Single Cell vs. Double Cell Single Cell vs Double Cell Shades As one of the most popular window treatment choices around, cellular shades offer a number of benefits and customization options. One of those options includes single cell versus double cell construction. What does this mean and which option is best for you? Let Bloomin' ... Continue Reading
  • Will Bloomin’ Blinds Repair Treatments I Bought Somewhere Else? white shades formal living room Have your window treatments seen better days? Repairing broken blinds, shades, and shutters is far more cost effective than buying new ones. Best of all, our on-site repair services means you’ll never have to take your treatments into a showroom to be fixed. But a question ... Continue Reading
  • How to Make Your Ceilings Look Higher How to Make Your Ceilings Look Higher Vaulted ceilings are lovely, but not every home is built to accommodate them. In fact, according to the International Residential Code, habitable rooms like bedrooms, kitchens, and living spaces are only required to have a ceiling height of 7 feet. So what can you do if ... Continue Reading
  • Best Window Treatments for Kitchens kitchen window shades Kitchen Window Covering Ideas As one of the busier rooms in your home, the kitchen serves many functions. Preparing meals, foraging for snacks, gathering with family to talk about the day—the kitchen is a household hub. If your kitchen features one or more windows, you may ... Continue Reading
  • Blinds vs. Shades Blinds vs. Shades Are you better off with blinds, or are shades a smarter choice for window coverings? When it comes to window treatments, many homeowners aren’t sure whether to pick blinds or shades—or whether there’s even a difference! Bloomin' Blinds can help you decide. Difference between ... Continue Reading
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