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Room Darkening & Blackout Solutions

Window Treatments Perfect for Entertaining & Relaxing

Do you consistently have issues with sunlight glare and light filtering into your room while you’re trying to relax and get the movie-theater experience at home? Or maybe you’ve been abruptly awoken out of a deep sleep because sunlight makes an appearance in your bedroom? No need to live with this inconvenient scenario another day.

At Bloomin' Blinds we have affordable room darkening and blackout shades perfect for bedrooms and entertainment spaces so you can enjoy darkness any time you want. We have various room-darkening options to eliminate light from entering the room entirely. When you want the room dark, our blackout and room darkening window coverings are ideal because light cannot penetrate the material of the shade, creating the perfect environment for watching TV without a glare and undisturbed sleep regardless of the hour.

The Benefits of Room Darkening & Blackout Solutions

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The Best Room Darkening Window Treatments

  • Cellular shades – You may know cellular shades by their other name: Honeycomb shades. Either way, these window coverings can be customized with various opacities, from see-through to solid. The latter makes for an excellent room darkening option. Cellular shades are the best blend of effective room darkening and cost, they are the “best bang for the buck” in room darkening scenarios.
  • Roller shades – Often considered multi-functional, roller shades are perfect for room darkening and light filtering because of the many opacities available. They are also extremely customizable and work for virtually any style or décor. With a couple of installed accessories, roller shades give us the option to make the room virtually pitch black. We can make a room the darkest with roller shades and appropriate accessories.
  • Roman shades – Roman shades are versatile, functional, stylish, and timeless options for any home. Plus, these window treatments give you the sophistication of draperies without having to sacrifice room-darkening features. Roman shades will hold out the most of the light if they are mounted on the outside of the window, wider and taller than the window they are covering.
  • Draperies– Our draperies can be personalized to include room darkening and light-filtering liners. We have hundreds of colors, textures, and finishes to suit your style and budget. Drapery with a room darkening liner is very effective in getting a room dark.
  • Shutters – Shutters are a mediocre way to get a room dark. Light can get in-between the individual slats and create a shadowed feel in the room. It’s fair to say that could easily see a pair of shoes on the floor and know what brand they are as well. If you want a truly dark room while installing a shutter, we will need to add a honeycomb shade behind it to block most of the light before it gets to the shutter.
  • Blinds – Blinds are great at shadowing a room, but they are not a “blackout” product. If you need to take the shine off of a window and you don’t need a pitch-black environment, then blinds may be the right choice for you. If you need the room really dark, we need to explore other products or add a room darkening drapery over the blinds to give you total control of the light.
  • Bamboo/grass shades – When you want unique color and texture, plus a way to really darken your room, bamboo/grass shades could be for you. These solutions complement virtually any style and can be customized with motorization and different opacities. Like a roman shade, to control the light, we will need to add a room darkening liner and make the shade wider and longer than the window we are covering.

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Can Room Darkening Window Treatments Provide Insulation?

Like many of our window treatments, the options that work to darken a room are also ideal for insulation and reducing energy costs. Because these window coverings block ultraviolet rays from entering rooms, they are effective solutions that block out heat and keep your rooms exceptionally cooler.

After I’ve Selected My Room-Darkening Options, What Next?

Once you’ve selected and purchased your new room-darkening solutions, it’s time to schedule your in-home installation. We’ll work with you to find a time that works best for your busy schedule so that we can install your perfect window treatments promptly and thoroughly.

To receive more information, find your local Bloomin’ Blinds office.

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