Custom Mini Blinds 

Lightweight, Versatile Vinyl & Aluminum Blinds

When you think of blinds for your home, chances are you’re picturing mini blinds. Since the 1950s, these durable and cost-effective window treatments have been a popular choice in homes, offices, apartment buildings, schools, and more. Though white aluminum mini blinds are often the standard in new homes, mini blinds are also manufactured in vinyl, as well as a number of colors and finishes to coordinate with any décor. Our experts at Bloomin' Blinds can help you determine if mini blinds are the right choice for your windows and can offer customization options to meet the needs of your budget and style preferences.

The Benefits of Mini Blinds

Our customers choose mini blinds because of the following benefits:

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Long Lasting Durable

Long Lasting & Durable



Good For Small Windows

Good For Small Windows

Blind Slats Usually Come in Three Sizes

  • ½ Inch
  • 1 Inch
  • 2 Inch

Larger 2 ½ Inch slats also exist but are more rare. 

Why Choose 1/2 Inch Blind Slats?

blinds with half inch slats

This option is considered “extra small” and is fairly rare. They are sometimes referred to as “micro blinds”. They are an excellent option for very narrow windows. Because they are easy to cut and shape, they are popular for unusually shaped windows. Micro mini blinds restrict light more than other blinds and offer the most privacy when they are tilted open and when they are tilted closed. 

  • Maximum Privacy
  • Narrow Windows
  • Unusual Window Frames 

Why Choose 1 Inch Blind Slats? 

blinds with 1 inch slats

When people refer to “mini blinds”, they are usually talking about 1 inch slats. These slats are what most people have in mind when they think of a commercial building or apartment with generic white blinds. These blinds are better for smaller windows to avoid looking busy. The big advantage for 1 inch slats is that they can be mounted inside the window frame.  

  • Small Windows
  • Lighter Than 2 Inch
  • Less Expensive Than 2 Inch 

Why Choose 2 Inch Blind Slats? 

blinds with 2 inch slats

This blind slat is often the most popular among homeowners. It is the better option for larger windows. It offers good views outside when the slat is tilted open. This size is also the easiest to clean. Blinds dealers often recommend this size for homeowners who want something aesthetically interesting because it can make more of a statement. 

  • Most Popular
  • Good Views
  • Easiest to Clean

Having Trouble Visualizing the Three Sizes? 

The image below is a preview of the three sizes side-by-side. 3 windows with different sized slats

To visualize more mini blinds, click on “Visualize It” below to visit our interactive window treatment builder.  

Visualize this Product in Your Space or Contact Us Now

What Are Mini Blinds?

Mini blinds get their name from the size of their slats: usually about 1 inch wide, compared to 1-3 inches for standard blinds. Aside from smaller slats, mini blinds are generally more durable and lightweight than standard options, thanks to their aluminum or vinyl construction. In fact, mini blinds are sometimes referred to as aluminum blinds, the material they’re most often associated with, but vinyl mini blinds can offer a number of textures and finishes not achievable with aluminum.

When choosing between aluminum and vinyl mini blinds, you may want to consider:

  • Durability – Aluminum is stronger than vinyl and doesn’t break as easily, but aluminum is easier to dent or crease.
  • Maintenance – Vinyl is easier to clean than aluminum. However, aluminum is easier to repair, whereas broken vinyl blinds generally need to be replaced.
  • Cost – While mini blinds are very cost-effective window treatments in general, aluminum is the more expensive material of the two. On the other hand, textured or specialty-finish vinyl can cost more than basic aluminum.
  • Customization – Both aluminum and vinyl options come in a range of slat widths, as thin as ¼ inch. Aluminum is offered in a variety of colors; however, vinyl provides more choices for finishes, including faux wood.
  • Energy efficiency – Aluminum deflects the sun’s rays to keep out heat, providing more insulating properties than vinyl, which tends to absorb heat from the sun and heat up the room.

Where Do Custom Mini Blinds Work Best?

Because of their versatile, durable nature, mini blinds are appropriate for many windows in your home or office. The lightweight material and thin slats make them especially ideal for windows in doors, narrow windows, and smaller areas. They are also popular blinds for mobile homes

While this product can be customized to fit virtually any size window, keep in mind that bigger windows may be overwhelmed by the number of thin slats, so wider-slatted options, or even shades or shutters, may be a better choice. Full-length windows, such as sliding glass doors, are also better suited to vertical blinds or shades than mini blinds. When you call Bloomin' Blinds, our consultants can help you select the perfect coordinating window covering options for every room in your house.

Are Mini Blinds a Good Choice for Small Windows? 

Traditionally, mini blinds were the go-to choice for smaller window frames. Nowadays, there are many more options to consider that can be custom-cut to fit any window type. But mini blinds will always be a popular product for bathrooms, basements, narrow windows, and elsewhere.  

Customize Your Blinds for the Perfect Fit

Sometimes mini blinds get a bad rap, thanks to the widespread use of boring builder-grade aluminum mini blinds in apartment buildings and starter homes. However, mini blinds can offer an appealing combination of function, ease, and affordability—with plenty of style thrown in.

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