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Curtains and Drapes

Custom Curtains and Drapery For Any Room

Curtains add unparalleled sophistication to any room. They come in a wide variety of styles, materials, colors, and patterns, so you’re sure to find something to match your home décor. Not only that, their versatility offers an attractive option for homeowners looking for light control and aesthetics on a budget. Another added benefit is that draperies pair very well over other window treatments, like blinds or shades.

The Benefits of Drapery & Curtains

Our customers choose drapery and curtains because of the following benefits:
  • Brown Wood Blinds Energy
  • White Window Shutters Kitchen Variety of Fabrics
    & Styles
  • Brown Wood Blinds Living Room Pairs with Blinds
    & Shades
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Drapery Features

You have plenty of features to choose from when customizing your draperies, including:

  • Pleated
    These draperies have pins or hooks that attach to drapery rings and slide across a curtain rod. Also called "pinch pleat draperies" these are commonly used in rooms that have a traditional, upscale flair. Homeowners love the pleats because they give the draperies uniform volume and folds without the need to rearrange them, which makes them an excellent choice for drapes you want to open and close often.

  • Grommet
    Draperies that glide along a rod easily usually have a grommet top, meaning there are metal rings punched into the material. They are a good choice for wide windows and sliding glass doors, because the light fabric makes them easy to open. Grommet draperies have a contemporary look and go well in rooms with a more modern flair. These draperies look great with geometric patterns.

  • Rod Pocket
    This common style works by sliding the fabric of the draperies onto a curtain rod. They are not intended to be opened or closed, because the pocket which the rod runs through is very narrow. The purpose of these draperies is to create folds and volume. Rod pocket draperies are often layered over blinds or shades.

What to Consider When Buying Custom Drapes

  • Height: Having your window coverings professionally measured by one of technicians will ensure you get the perfect length draperies for your living space.
  • Split panel vs. single panel: Draperies come in panels either in one or two sections of fabric. Single panels are great for sliding glass doors, whereas panel pairs look elegant hanging on either side of a window.
  • Pairing with other window treatments: If you want to block out as much light as possible, layering draperies over other window treatments is a great idea. They can add to the sophistication of your space, as well.
  • Purpose: Do you want your drapes to offer privacy, insulation, or block light? This will help guide you in terms of selecting materials and whether draperies are right for you
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    Drapery & Curtain FAQ

    What fabrics are best for custom curtains?

    When choosing a fabric for custom curtains, it’s best to choose fabrics that hang and pleat well. The best fabrics for custom curtains are velvet, silk, faux silk, and linen. Faux silk is the most durable and doesn’t deteriorate from sunlight as quickly as silk. Velvet curtains are a good option for blocking light and insulation.

    How do you coordinate curtains with décor?

    If the walls in your home are light, a dark-colored curtain contrasts beautifully. Light-colored curtains with vertical patterns can help make a room feel more open. Dark walls with heavy-dark curtains can make a room feel smaller and crowded.

    Should drapes touch the floor?

    In living rooms and bedrooms, curtains should just touch the floor or hover just a half-inch above the floor. Bathroom and kitchen windows are an exception to this rule. We suggest café curtains, a style of curtain that covers only the bottom half of the window frame, for bathroom and kitchen window treatments.

    Do sheer curtains give privacy?

    Sheer curtains provide privacy during the daytime and also allow for soft diffused light to pour into your home. After dark, sheer curtains offer less privacy and neighbors can see into your home. We suggest pairing sheer curtains with another, more opaque window treatment for the best privacy and light control day and night.

    Why do so many people love drapery?

    • Stylish addition to the room design
    • Adds color and texture to boring walls
    • Creates elegance and warmth
    • Can make the room very dark
    • Great insulators
    Brown Window Blinds
    Gray Window Shutters Dining Room
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    We'll Bring the Showroom to You!

    If your space feels a little “under dressed”, consider adding a fun and exciting drapery to add that perfect touch. There are so many designs and styles, Bloomin’ Blinds can help you with styles that range from old world to modern and sleek. Even if you are not sure what your vision is, let us bring the ideas and the materials to you. Just a quick visit with our window covering professionals and you will see how good we are at bringing your dreams to life. Add a final touch and complete the room with new drapery by Bloomin’ Blinds.

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