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Light-Diffusing Window Coverings

Adding Charm & Function to Your Home

Are you looking for window coverings that add charm and sophistication and help you control how much light is present in your space? Don’t get us wrong, everyone needs vitamin D, but nobody wants a room that feel like a spotlight is shining into it. A simple and cost-effective solution is having light-diffusing window treatments installed in your home. You get the elegance and custom options you’ve always envisioned and a way to control the level of sunlight throughout your property.

Our team of experts at Bloomin' Blinds can help you find the solutions to diffuse light in your space and cast a luminescent glow that creates a romantic and warm atmosphere. What you’ll find with our products are various options that make finding the perfect shades, shutters, and drapers for your needs simple.

The Benefits of Life Diffusing Products

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The light-diffusing solutions we carry include:

  • Cellular shades – Various materials and yes can affect how the light “feels” in your room, there are so many options to play with to get the right look. When utilizing cellular shades, you will get fantastic insulation and the light control you need. Plus, you can include motorization for added convenience.
  • Roller shades – Known for their simplicity, style, and variety in function, roller shades are offered with a wide variety of light filtering materials and can be completely customized to suit your décor. But the best part is you can control the light and add refinement to your space.
  • Blinds – Whether you’re looking for wood, faux wood, motorization, and a kid-safe and pet-friendly option for your home, blinds are ideal. Blinds are great at diffusing light in a room as they have slats that rotate open and closed. Rotating slats allow for directional changes in the light, allowing it to come in but not directly at you.
  • Shutters– Shutters possess rotation louvers that allow you to direct the light in any angle that you desire. Widely considered the “crème de la crème” of window coverings, shutters offer beauty, style, and wonderful control of the light coming into the room
  • Roman shades – To add a luxurious feel to your living room, bathroom, kitchen, and virtually any other space in your home, roman shades have a cascading panel of fabric that innately controls the light.
  • Draperies – Depending on the opacity and material, you can customize your drapes to block out light or cast a warm and inviting glow in the room for that added wow factor.
  • Bamboo/grass shades – Woven wooden shades or bamboo/grass shades are the perfect window covering companion for light diffusion. You can choose a material that lets a lot of light in or add a liner that also helps keep it out.
  • Panel track shades – With panel track shades, you get a woven sheet of fabric that’s perfect for minimalist, modern, traditional, or virtually any other aesthetic you can think of. And customizing the color and opacity can give you different levels of light control.
  • Sheer horizontal shades – The word “sheer” might not sound like the best way to reduce light in your room. However, these window coverings actually allow you to diffuse light and still have an unobstructed view of the outside.

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The Benefits of Light Diffusing Options

We have a wide selection of window treatments that help you control light and come with built-in benefits that won’t break the bank.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Insulation – Most, if not all, of our light-diffusing products can provide more insulation for your room. This can result in an energy-efficient space that helps you lower monthly heating and cooling bills.
  • Sleek designs – Regardless of the treatments you choose, you’ll get a sleek design that perfectly fits your décor elements. And if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, customization is available for virtually all of our window coverings.
  • Smart features – You can control your blinds or shades with the help of an app or a sun sensor option. These safe and convenient solutions make life so much easier for you and your entire family. Don’t forget the solar-charging add-on for your rechargeable batteries!

To find more information about our light control inventory, find your local Bloomin' Blinds location!

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