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Sheer Horizontal Shades

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If you’re looking for a way to control the harsh light of your interior space, consider buying sheer horizontal shades through Bloomin’ Blinds. Sheer horizontal shades are traditional horizontal slats—similar to the ones most homes begin with—but are also covered with a transparent sheet of sheer material. This combination is what makes this type of shade a thoroughly modern window product.

Sheer horizontal shades combine the strengths of modern, sheer panels without losing the traditional appearance offered by the horizontal slats and blinds. As a result, you can reduce the glare and heat entering through your windows, while letting in light to provide the room with a softer appearance.

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The overall effect of sheer horizontal shades is a room bathed in relaxing, soft, and gentle light, regulated by horizontal slats overlaid with sheer cloth paneling. As is evident in these photos, there are a wealth of varieties and “looks” available with this particular type of shade. No matter the style, however, what they all share is the ability to control the look of your room with even more options.

When you want total shade from the light and eliminate visibility to the outdoors, simply close the horizontal slats. However, if you want natural lighting, opening the slats will allow the light to diffuse through the slightly transparent sheets. As a result, your interior will be cooler and more inviting.

Limited Lifetime Warranties & Better Prices

If you’re considering buying sheer horizontal shades, consider buying them through Bloomin’ Blinds. Thanks to our large inventory, you can choose from any number of brands and styles while enjoying the discounts won by our bulk purchases. Our window decor experts can help you choose the best style for you, and customize the shades for your window's size, shape, and placement.

Not only that, but our mobile service will provide you with a limited lifetime repair or replacement warranty, so if you buy shades through us, you’ll have more than beautiful windows—you’ll have the assurance that you’ll never need another window service ever again. Choose Bloomin’ Blinds for our high-quality products and workmanship, and stay with us for our dedication to serving you and your windows.

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