Motorized Cellular Shades 

Remote Control & App Controlled Blinds 

One of the most popular kinds of automated blinds available are cellular shades (with roller blinds often taking first place). Cellular shades (also called honeycomb blinds) are a popular choice for automation because they are already naturally cordless. They are also very versatile and offer a number of benefits. Many people aren't aware of this, but it is also possible to retrofit some brands cellular shades without having to totally replace them. Furthermore, the integration of remote control and app-controlled features has made managing these shades incredibly convenient, allowing users to adjust them from any location within the house or even when away. This level of control has made motorized cellular shades an attractive option for those seeking both comfort and technological convenience in their living spaces. 

Should I Get Automated Cellular Shades? 

There are plenty of reasons why motorized cellular shades are an excellent choice for window coverings. 

  1. Security: If you setup your motorized cellular shades with a smart device, you can set them to close when you aren't at home. This is helpful if you've forgotten to close them before heading out.  
  2. Energy Conservation: Cellular shades are already designed to provide insulation by capturing pockets of air. Adding motorizing can reduce your bills even more if you set them to close automatically during the hotter or colder parts of the day. 
  3. Convenience: This is the most obvious reason. Instead of getting up from the couch to shut the shades as the sun is setting, just press a button and voila! Your cellular shades have instantly adjusted.
  4. Option to Retrofit: Some brands can be retrofit with a motor easily. 

Check out some of images of different kinds of cellular shades that can be upgraded with motorization below. 

Cellular shades over long windows. 

Cellular shades in two segments and three segments. (Shades can be a single segment or separated into two, three, or more segments over a single window.)

Cellular shades mounted with drapes.

Can I Connect My Motorized Cellular Shades to a Phone or Smart Device?

Yes! Some people prefer to simply connect their cellular shades to a remote control. But it is possible to set up your shades to be controlled by an app on your phone, tablet, or other smart device. 

Smart technology continues to expand into more and more home products. Cellular blinds are no exception.

Are Cellular Shade Motors Noisy? 

Most are fairly quiet besides making soft whirring sounds. Some motors can be louder than others, but most motorized window shades are designed with quiet operation in mind. 

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Blinds FAQ
Which blinds are best for privacy?

Blackout blinds provide the most privacy. These window treatments black out all light and can come in various materials and colors, including aluminum and faux wood options. Vertical blinds are another cost-effective, privacy solution for covering large windows like sliding glass windows.

Which blinds are easiest to clean?

Due to their vertical hanging slats, vertical blinds are least likely to gather dust when compared to other custom blinds. If vertical blinds aren’t your style, faux wood blinds are a stylish, easy-to-clean option. Click here to learn more about how to clean faux wood blinds.

Which blinds are best for kids?

Cordless and motorized blinds are the safest option if your home has children. We suggest removing all corded window treatments from your child’s play area and nursery. If you cannot install new window treatments, check out our blog for tips on how to child proof your living space’s window treatments.

Do you have honeycomb blinds?

Yes! We offer offer a selection of honeycomb blinds (also known as cellular shades). These multiple layered coverings are a popular choice for their ability to trap drafts of air and add insulation to windows. They offer a lot of options for customization as well.

Why should my blinds be professionally installed?

Blind installation services make the process of getting new window treatments much simpler. Our professionals will precisely measure your windows and ensure your blinds are made to the appropriate width and height. Our blind installers will supply their own tools such as a steel tape measure, screwdrivers, an electric drill, and a ladder, so you won’t need to buy any of these for a one-off home improvement project.

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Benefits Of Blinds


Shutters can change the look of your entire home. The aesthetic value that shutters bring can not only increase the value of the home but also adding curb appeal since shutters frame the windows.


Home shutters can provide a desired level of privacy as they allow you to adjust the horizontal slats with a simple tilt. By closing the shutters, you can darken a room for movies or having your nosey neighbor peeking in.


Shutters can be a huge help and add a layer of protection when it comes to insulting your home. From cooling your home during the summer to retaining the warmth during the winter shutters can help regulate the internal temperature allowing for unwanted heat waves and blocking out cold drafts.

Light Control

Morning sun rays can be a rude awakening especially in the bedroom when it hits you right in the face. Shutters can provide better and longer sleep allowing you to wake up refreshed and charged for the day. Shutters are known to block out more sunlight than any other window treatment on the market.

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