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Panel Track Blinds

Outfit Your Large Windows & Patio Doors with Panel Track Blinds

Want to make a bold statement? Consider panel track blinds. These modern window coverings are made up of vertical, woven sheets of fabric cut into narrow rectangular patterns hung on a track system. They are the modern answer to vertical blinds, as they glide effortlessly and offer a clean, uniform appearance. Also called sliding panel track shades, these are perfect for covering oversized windows and sliding glass doors. They come in various styles and fabric options, but no matter which you choose, you’re sure to love the clean, simple look.

The Benefits of Panel Track Shades

Our customers choose panel track shades because of the following benefits:
  • Brown Wood Blinds Variety of Fabrics 
    & Styles
  • White Window Shutters Kitchen Wide Range
    of Light Control
  • Brown Wood Blinds Living Room Compact and
    Sleek Design
  • Brown Wood Blinds Bedroom Easy to
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Options for Panel Track Blinds & Shades

  • Opacity
    Sheet vary in their opacity, or the amount of light they let through. Most panels are light-filtering rather than blackout fabric. That way, you'll be able to maintain your privacy while still letting in natural light. The sheets diffuse harsh sunlight into a gentler, softer, and warmer interior.
  • Fabric Patterns
    Panel track blinds come in a variety of colors. Solid colors or weaves offer rich textures to your window coverings.
  • Materials
    Woven wood, bamboo, fabrics, reeds, or solar screens are all great material choices for your panel track blinds. Bamboo panels are great for a tropical flair, or if you're looking for something more contemporary, off-white may do the trick.

Available Features

  • Stack placement: The large fabric panels slide back and forth on a track and can stack completely when in an open position.
  • Custom cornices: A cornice is a beautiful decorative accent that runs atop the edge of your window treatment. This is the perfect choice for any window treatment, and are commonly used with panel track shades, as well.

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    What Are the Advantages of Panel Track Blinds?

    Our sleek, modern panel track blinds might just do the trick for your large windows or sliding glass doors. The panels hang straight and the tracks are well-made, so very little effort is needed to move the panels into the correct position while opening or closing them. Beyond their sophisticated beauty, these window covering are also functional as a room divider, as well. They are also useful to hide shelving or close off a workspace.

    Panel track blinds are also straightforward to clean – just use a feather duster or a small handheld vacuum to get rid of any dust. For a deeper clean, use a mild detergent and wipe dirt or grime away. There is no need to worry about taking heavy curtains to the cleaners for your larger windows – you can do it all yourself, with minimal effort.

    Panel track blinds are customizable and come in various fabric and woven wood materials. They are easy to coordinate with any décor style or other window treatments in the same room.

    Brown Window Blinds
    Gray Window Shutters Dining Room
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    Get Your Panel Track Blinds Professionally Installed

    Panel track blinds can be more challenging to install if you are inexperienced with window treatment installations. Leave it to our experts rather than taking the DIY route. Our window treatment professionals will measure your windows on cloud-based software and as soon as they arrive from the manufacturer, we’ll call you to schedule the installation of your panel track shades and/or custom cornices.

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