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Panel Track System Shades

Privacy, Natural Lighting, & Contemporary Style

Panel track system shades are woven sheets of fabric cut into narrow rectangular panels. They are hung on a track system, overlapping slightly when fully spread out on the track bar. The sheets can be made from a multitude of fabrics and styles, from an overtly woven “papyrus” pattern to more spartan flat color sheets. The result is a clean, simple, and Asian-esque style that works in both multi-million dollar penthouses and suburban homes alike.

Their lighting effect is a huge draw for panel track systems. While the sheets vary in levels of transparency, most panels have a small measure of transparency at least. That way, homeowners are able to maintain their privacy while allowing in a great deal of natural light. The sheets diffuse harsh sunlight into a gentle, natural atmosphere that softens and warms your interior.

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The style of these panels particularly benefits homes with large, clear surfaces or other woven patterns. If you envision an elegant but sleek style for your home, panel track systems provide a simple and attractive solution. What’s more is that the nature of panel track systems make them extremely customizable. From small windows to floor-to-ceiling glass doors, panel track systems can accommodate any sort of window or glass entrance.

Why Choose Bloomin’ Blinds?

At Bloomin’ Blinds, we have a wide array of patterns, styles, and opacities to choose from for your panel track system. If your home has a wide variety of windows and doors that require dressing, our team of experts can customize your dressings perfectly to suit your house, condo, or apartment (or office!). We have years of experience handling all types of windows and paneling, so you can trust our work.

Not only that, but if you buy a panel track system through us, you’ll receive a limited lifetime warranty on all repairs and replacement for your panels. As a result, buying window decor through Bloomin’ Blinds means you’ll never need another shade repair or installation service ever again.

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