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Posts from 2020

  • Can Skylights Have Blinds or Shades? skylight Sunlight, ventilation, beauty, and an incredible view — these are just a few of the reasons why so many people choose to install skylights in their homes. But what happens when summer comes and that skylight starts letting in a little too much sun and heat? Shading Your ... Continue Reading
  • The Many Benefits of On-Site Blind Repairs blue shades master bedroom Broken blinds, shutters that won’t open, and shades that won’t roll up are so much more than just an eyesore — they’re an inconvenience that can affect your home’s energy efficiency and how you enjoy your space. Don’t let your broken blinds, shades, or shutters go untreated ... Continue Reading
  • Cleaning Blinds and Shutters with Supplies You Already Have at Home grey shades When it comes time to clean, most homeowners stick to the same routine — clean the floor, wipe down the countertops, and scrub the tub. But when was the last time your window treatments got a good cleaning ? If you can’t remember, odds are it’s time to break out your duster. ... Continue Reading
  • How Bloomin’ Blinds is Constantly Adapting to Meet Your Needs Bloomin' Blinds virtual consultation For nearly two decades, we’ve worked hard to ensure that every customer we work with leaves 100% satisfied with their repair, purchase, installation, or consultation. And the way we do that is by constantly looking for new ways to improve our services. The Bloomin’ Blinds ... Continue Reading
  • How to Block Light Gaps Around Blinds How to Block Light Gaps Around Blinds If you have window treatments, you might have noticed that even when they are lowered and closed some light peeks in through on the side gaps. If you enjoy a darker room or even if the sun hits that gap just right, these gaps can be a nuisance. Luckily, there are a couple of ... Continue Reading
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