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Posts from 2020

  • Will Bloomin’ Blinds Repair Treatments I Bought Somewhere Else? white shades formal living room Have your window treatments seen better days? Repairing broken blinds, shades, and shutters is far more cost effective than buying new ones. Best of all, our on-site repair services means you’ll never have to take your treatments into a showroom to be fixed. But a question ... Continue Reading
  • Making the Most of Your Online Window Treatment Consultation wood kitchen white blinds Are you in need of new window treatments but have no idea where to begin? How about with a consultation in the very room you’re trying to buy window treatments for? Thanks to our virtual consultation services, you can find window treatments for every room in your house ... Continue Reading
  • Choosing Window Blinds from the Comfort of Your Living Room Brown shades dinning room With so many styles of blinds, shades, and shutters to choose from, finding window treatments you love won’t happen in one quick trip to the store. We realize just how daunting it can be to find treatments that fit your style and needs, which is why we’re bringing design ... Continue Reading
  • How to Upcycle Old Curtains curtains Replacing your curtains with custom blinds or shades can add modern sophistication to a room, making it a common upgrade for homeowners. But what should you do with your old curtains? On the silver screen, Scarlett O’Hara fashions a dress out of her green velvet drapes in ... Continue Reading
  • My Motorized Shades Aren’t Responding To My Remote, What Should I Do? Blue living room Anyone with battery-powered motorized shades will tell you that they’re one of the most convenient additions to any room. That is, until they stop working. Like any appliance or electronic in your home, battery-powered treatments can run into the occasional problem after ... Continue Reading
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