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Motorized Blinds

Remote Control Blinds Are Cordless and Automatic

Motorized shades have the ability to transform a room from average into extraordinary. We offer motorized window shades that allow you to truly customize your space—window coverings don’t have to be an afterthought. Our cutting-edge motorized blind and shade technology gives you more than just improved comfort and convenience—it can also improve the energy efficiency of your property by ensuring your blinds or shades are shut or open at the right times.

Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

Our customers choose motorized window treatments because of the following benefits:
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Additional Features of Motorized Blinds

Sun Sensors: Rather than worrying about the negative effects of harsh rays on your furniture and flooring, you can automatically protect your home by installing sun sensors. These sensors adjust your shades to control the amount of sunlight coming into your home.

Temperature Sensors: Much like the sun sensors, temperature sensors will change the height of your shades based on temperature, protecting your home from excessive heat and harmful UV rays.

Apps: Controlling your window treatments can be as simple as sending a text or downloading an app. When you’re not at home, program them to adjust at specific times of the day, if you’re someone who likes to travel, this can deter thieves by giving your home that “lived in” look. If you have Alexa or Google Home, you can also control your window treatments with voice commands.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Motorized Window Treatments

Our customers often have questions about motorized blinds and shades, and our installation experts are happy to answer them. Read on for some of the most commonly asked questions, along with our responses.

How are motorized blinds powered?

Motorized blinds and shades can be powered a few different ways, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

  • Battery-powered motorized blinds are simple to install and are a good option for out-of-the-way windows without convenient outlet access. Plus, the battery casing is virtually undetectable, making for clean lines. However, batteries need to be changed and replaced, so take that into consideration.
  • Hardwired motorization is a bit more complex, and requires easy access to an outlet. If you’d like all the motorized window coverings in your home to be controlled by one panel, it may also require an electrician. After installation, this is long-lasting, reliable, and convenient option.
  • DC power adapters can also power motorized blinds and shades, giving you the simple installation of battery-powered motors with the convenience of hardwiring. These are essentially plug-and-play, so the window must be near an outlet, and you may have visible cords.
  • Solar power is an option for some motorized shades and blinds. Since windows let in sunlight, why not harness some of it to power the motor? This energy-efficient choice is best for windows that receive plenty of sun and aren’t shaded by trees, awnings, or overhangs.

How much do motorized shades cost?

Motorized shades can be more of an investment than their manual counterparts, but depending on the brand and style you select and your preferred power source, there are motorization options to fit every budget. Learn more about the benefits of motorized shades.

Can existing blinds be motorized?

Often, yes! Depending on the age, brand, and style of what you currently have, our experts can retrofit your existing blinds for motorization to your existing blinds and shades. Get in touch with Bloomin’ Blinds to find out if your existing window coverings can be motorized.

Are motorized blinds worth it?

We think so! They can increase convenience, energy efficiency, and security, and they often improve the aesthetics of your window coverings thanks to no more cords or wands. You may also find yourself utilizing your windows more often because of how easy it is, and controlling the light and privacy in your home can have positive effects on your lifestyle. We’d be happy to consult with you to determine if your windows would benefit from motorized coverings.

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Integrating with Smart Technology

Integrating smart technology into your everyday life has never been this simple, accessible, or affordable. Motorized window treatments are compatible with most of the technology already living in your home.

Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

1. Ease & Convenience

Opening and closing your blinds throughout the day may not seem like the most difficult task, but motorization can make a world of difference for some people.

2. Programmable

Having your blinds open or closed while you’re out of the house is no longer your only two options. With motorized treatments, you’re able to set timers and utilize sun and temperature sensors to customize your automated user-experience.

3. Hard-to-Reach Windows

Hard-to-reach windows are often left uncovered to take advantage of the natural light that they let in. With motorized blinds, shades, and shutters, you still have the benefit of natural light without relinquishing control.

4. Energy Efficiency

Uncovered windows allow excess heat, cold air, and UV rays into your home, making it more difficult to regulate your home’s temperature and ultimately adding to your electric bill. By adding motorized blinds, you’re able to cover and uncover your windows based on the temperature at just the touch of a button.

5. Streamlined Look

Window cords can look messy if you’re not paying attention to where they’re placed. But by converting to motorized treatments, you eliminate their need altogether.

6. Child Safety

It is every parent’s greatest fear that their child gets hurt, so naturally, most parents baby-proof their homes. However, window treatments and cords are often a forgotten safety hazard. Children are curious, often stepping on stools and toys to look out the window. Unfortunately, a minor slip can become a major injury if they’re near a cord. According to a recent study, one child dies every month and two are injured every day in a window blind-related incident. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to protect little ones from the dangers of cords — get rid of them. By installing motorized blinds, shades, and shutters, the risk of your child getting injured by this often-forgotten hazard is completely eliminated.

7. Protection from UV Light Damage

Furniture and wall hangings can fade from UV light damage, but motorized blinds make it easy to shield them from harmful UV rays. Sun sensors read the intensity of the sun and will adjust your coverings to protect the home from excessive heat and UV rays.

8. Security

With programmable window treatments, you can create the illusion that you are home. By programming your blinds to open and close at various times throughout the day, it gives the appearance of people living inside, which can discourage any neighborhood break ins while you and your family are out on vacation.

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