How High Should I Hang New Window Curtains?

Hanging window curtains

The right window treatments can transform a room. But deciding which treatments, fabric, and styles are right for you is just the first step. After you’ve picked out your treatments, it’s time to hang them. And while this may seem like a quick afternoon chore, simple mistakes can affect the way your treatments look and operate.

Hanging Window Treatments

Hang new window curtains tall and high.

While there’s no wrong height to hang your treatments at, many of today’s design experts suggest hanging drapery up to 12 inches higher than the window because it creates the illusion of a larger window and higher ceilings. You should also extend the curtain rod out three to six inches on each side for maximum effect.

Know where curtains should end.

If it feels like drapery is getting longer, that may not be your imagination. Even though curtains are being hung higher, they should still gently touch the floor or hover roughly half an inch above it. If you enjoy the puddled look of draperies, be mindful that these may cause an additional trip hazard for children or pets.

Making your drapes look full.

Especially in the summer, many people enjoy the look of light, flowing drapes. But if you want to make your curtains appear fuller, consider buying more than just one panel. To ensure they look full and cover your entire window, two panels may be needed — each one should equal half the width of the window.

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