The Best Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Bay window with window seat and black roman shades

Bay Windows Are an Interesting Design Challenge

Sometimes associated with Victorian elegance, other times with a quiet, peaceful reading nook, bay windows are a unique architectural feature that many homeowners love. But finding the right window treatment for bay windows isn’t always straightforward. When exploring different options, one has to think about things like the size of the windows, whether the space has a unique purpose, and how much to highlight (or hide) the feature itself.

In the following article, we offer some suggestions on different window treatments that will work well for different styles and purposes specific to bay windows.

Window Shutters: A Functional and Adaptable Option

Shutters are a great choice for homeowners who are looking to complement just about any interior design style. They can conform to a traditional aesthetic just as easily as a modern one with their simple yet stately louvers. For homeowners who want something low-maintenance and able to withstand the changing design landscape over time, shutters should be high on the list.

Inside Mounted Roman Shades: Keep the Architecture in the Limelight

Many bay windows have some kind of intricacies built in around the windows like moulding or wainscoting panels. If there is desire to keep the focus on the architecture and design of the bay windows, interior mounting with Roman shades ensures that nothing is covered up. With interior mounting, the windows remain a stronger focal point.

Outside Mounted Roman Shades: A Fuller, More Formal Aesthetic

For a more traditional look and greater privacy, you may want to consider mounting Roman shades external to the window frame. This can make the space look more formal with the shades draping down more fully over the space. The fuller appearance achieved with outside mounted shades contributes to a more luxurious and opulent feel in the room

Floor Length Drapes: Underscore Elegance

As bay windows tend to be a common feature in larger Victorian homes, some homeowners may want to maintain a traditional and more refined aesthetic with their window treatments. Long curtains or drapes are a great way to make a bold statement with color, pattern, or material. They will also make the ceiling look higher.

Pinch Pleat Curtains: A Popular Choice for Bay Windows

These curtains are characterized by their neatly tailored, pleated folds, creating a structured and elegant appearance that complements various interior styles. If your bay windows are located in a living room, dining room, or bedroom, pinch pleat curtains can bring sophistication to the space with their deep folds. They are another great option for bold patterns or sumptuous materials. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, pinch pleat curtains are a practical choice for bay windows. The pleats help the curtains maintain their shape, creating a neat and tailored appearance even when drawn closed. This feature is particularly beneficial for bay windows, where maintaining a clean and symmetrical look is essential.

Sheer Shades: Bring In More Light

If maximizing light entry is your goal, then sheer shades are your best bet. The light-filtering properties of sheer shades contribute to a sense of openness and spaciousness in the room. These shades can soften light and provide privacy while still allowing the glow of day to fill the space. The are a great choice for layering with drapes.

Layered Treatments: For a More Complex Look

Shades and curtains are actually a very population combination when it comes to bay windows. The possibilities for combining treatments are endless. It’s a great way to accent multiple textures and colors in your room’s décor. It’s also a functional option because it provides maximum light control and privacy.

Woven Wood Treatments: Natural and Neutral

If you want to soften the traditional architecture with a more contemporary style, woven wood treatments can be a smart move. They are able to bring a more relaxed atmosphere to a traditional space without straying into something too minimal or plain. In general, they are a versatile treatment that is able to meld with many different styles.

The Bloomin’ Blinds Team Offers Custom Sizing and Installation

Beyond aesthetics, bow windows can be a unique challenge in terms of installation and sizing. Some of the challenges include things like unusually shaped windows, tight angles, limited space, and so forth. To help you deal with some of these difficulties, Bloomin’ Blinds consultants come right to your home and will make measurements and offer suggestions. No matter what kind of windows you have, our team can cut and size treatments to fit your windows. When the time comes, our team will take care of all the installation for you. If you are ready to begin exploring the best window treatments for your space, just give our team a call and we will help out!

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