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Cordless Blinds & Shades

Streamlined Style & Increased Safety

When you’re in the market for new window coverings, cordless blinds and shades have a lot to offer. Perhaps you’re a parent to small children or four-legged friends and you’re concerned about their safety. Or maybe you simply prefer sleek, clean lines in your décor and don’t like the sight of hanging cords. At Bloomin' Blinds, our blind experts can show you a number of cordless window coverings that eliminate the visual disruption and safety risk associated with lift and tilt cords.

What Are Cordless Blinds?

Blinds without a lift or tilt cord sound ideal, especially for parents of kids or pets. Cordless blinds still have ladder cords, which allow raising and lowering of the blinds and tilting of the slats, but there is no loose or hanging lift cord—a commonly cited safety hazard. It’s worth noting that cordless blinds are different from motorized blinds, though the latter are also cord-free.

The Benefits of Cordless Blinds

Our customers choose cordless blinds because of the following benefits:
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    Sleek Design
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At Bloomin' Blinds, we offer cordless options for:

How do cordless blinds work?

This depends on the style in question, but there are a couple common methods. Some cordless blinds feature a SafeLock button on the bottom rail, which holds cord tension in place. When you press the button, the tension goes slack, allowing you to move the bottom rail up or down and position the blinds at your desired height by letting go of the button. Other styles simply let you position the height by gently guiding the bottom rail into place. Generally, opening or closing the slats of cordless blinds involves tilting the bottom rail forward or backward. For those interested in cordless options, Bloomin' Blinds carries a variety of cordless mini blinds and faux wood blinds.

How Do Cordless Shades Work?

Cordless shades function in much the same way as cordless blinds, using the bottom rail and a lock mechanism or gentle pressure to position the shades. Some shades use spring tension, which involves gently tugging down on the bottom of the shade to release the spring and lift or lower the shade to your desired position—like a projector screen.

Cordless honeycomb or pleated shades are especially popular choices for nurseries or children’s room, since they allow in soft, diffused sunlight without the danger or tangle of cords.

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Form Meets Function with Cordless Window Coverings

Whether you’re a parent with safety concerns, a homeowner with streamlined style preferences, or both, cordless blinds and shades are the perfect option for you. The experts at Bloomin' Blinds can assist you in choosing the ideal window coverings for every room in your house, from cordless blinds and energy-efficient shades to plantation shutters and motorization.

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