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Wood Blind Installation

Limited Lifetime Warranties & Great Rates

For more than 20 years, wood blinds have served as the most affordable and commonly used window treatment in the United States. Wood blinds are simple to maneuver and lighter than faux wood blinds. They are versatile: They can open, close, lift, and lower. Many of our clients at Bloomin’ Blinds choose our high-quality wood blinds for their homes and businesses.

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Versatility: Your Color & Size Options for New Blinds

Wooden blinds come in many different colors, so we can always find something that suits your current décor. Wood blinds can come in different shades of white and offer many wood stain options. No matter what your home looks like, there is a blind option that will suit it.

There are also two different slat options: 2 inches and 2.5 inches. If you prefer a cleaner, more streamlined look, you may want to look into the larger 2.5-inch option. While these blinds look less busy, they can cost a little more depending on the manufacturer.

Why Should I Add Wood Blinds to My Home?

  • Genuine wood blinds are beautiful
  • Durable, lasting decades
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Easy to decorate around

Limited lifetime Warranties Available at Bloomin’ Blinds

Ask about limited lifetime warranties, which cover, among other things:

  • Warping
  • Discoloration
  • Manufacturer material defects
  • Installation issues

How Do I Clean My Wood Blinds?

Never hose your blinds down or completely submerge them in water! Dust the blinds, while tilted down, using a feather duster. Then tilt the slats up and dust the blind from the back. If there is a layer of sticky grime under the dust, use a micro-fiber towel and diluted Simple Green cleaner to clean your blinds board by board. Rub each slat gently—this can be a time-consuming process, but if you stay on top of dusting you shouldn’t have to do it again! In some markets, some of our Bloomin’ Blinds locations also offer blinds cleaning services, in addition to blind installations and repair. Call today!

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  • "The service tech was very efficient did a great job, was very polite. Worth every dime."
    - Edy Pflugerville, TX
  • "Excellent customer service"
    - Brandi Sawicki Aiken,
  • "Glad we chose Bloomin' Blinds"
    - Donna Gainesville, FL
  • "I would give Bloomin Blinds an A+ in customer service, quality, and price."
    - Jessica G. Phoenix, AZ
  • "I will definitely use them for all future repairs AND purchases/installations."
    - Brad G. McKinney, TX
  • "The experience was good. They did their job well. I would highly recommend them. The price was reasonable."
    - A. Colbert Springfield, MO
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