How Much Does it Cost to Open a Window Coverings Franchise?

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Window coverings franchise owners play an important role in the life of their customers. With a vast array of options ranging from blinds, shutters, and shades, consumers can conveniently create the perfect living space.


The window covering industry can open the door to a rewarding business opportunity for entrepreneurs from all walks of life. As a window coverings franchise, Bloomin’ Blinds offers insight into what a potential franchisee can expect when it comes to initial and ongoing costs – including everything from training to marketing strategies to vendor agreements.

Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to help you understand the cost of opening a Bloomin’ Blinds franchise.

Technology to Connect You with Clients

As a Bloomin’ Blinds franchise owner, there is an amazing amount of technology in place to make your life and your customers’ lives easier. Bloomin’ Blinds has organized an impressive range of tools including online booking software, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, scheduling and notification management. Most software is offered through a subscription model and can cost anywhere from $30 to $300 and up per month for these platforms.


Bloomin’ Blinds franchisees get access to business management software that integrates all of these functions in one place and can really help a franchise owner create a healthy work-life balance. Not only does it help our franchisees keep track of appointments and managing schedules, but it also provides clients with a stress-free way to communicate with their local Bloomin’ Blinds owner. As soon as a technician is on their way, the client receives a text that allows them to track their technician right to their doorstep. This software is a fantastic tool that can create a positive customer impression before we ever ring the doorbell and a significant differentiator in a competitive environment.

Organic Marketing and Paid Advertising

Our market introduction program helps ensure you understand the window covering industry so can adequately maneuver your business within your local market. There is no “cold calling” in our marketing plan and most of our clients find us online, the whole system is automated for the franchise owner and managed by the corporate team. Typical online marketing budgets are between $2,000 and $3,000 per month but the RIO is exceptionally high with online marketing considering we can target our exact customer audience.

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Since we’re a need-based industry, there’s no need for you to worry about planning and executing a elaborate grand opening event. Instead of putting time and effort into advertising that “inspires” the need for window coverings, we have found great value in being there when a customer comes looking. By focusing our marketing on being there when they come looking, our marketing programs enjoy a very high level of predictability and a very strong ROI. In addition to online marketing, we focus on generating business organically by leveraging relationships in the building services industry, building brand recognition and a strong reputation. Our crafted marketing program enables franchise owners to gently enter the market and givie them time to learn their business as volumes scale up. Our twenty years of window covering experience gives the franchise owner the ability to spend their marketing efforts and dollars right where the customers are, there is no need for wasted time or money.

Interactive Training Leads to Lasting Knowledge

Once you’ve signed your franchise agreement, you get to go through our initial training program that will provide a solid foundation for everything you’ll need to know as you grow your business. We’re a hands-on business, so we teach our franchisees with a very interactive process. During training, we cover sales presentation, product knowledge, repairs, installation, marketing, software systems and specific efforts to cover motorization and exterior window coverings.

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Currently, our training classes are taught by our very own founders so we can ensure new owners have the most in-depth knowledge available to them as they learn the ropes of a new industry. The two knowledge-packed weeks of hands-on experience and practice is included in the franchise fee, there is no extra expense for the training program. This training will help you apply and receive the correct licensing and permits – which typically cost $200 to $500 – you need to run your Bloomin’ Blinds location.

Providing Access to a Variety of Vendors and Inventory

When you become a part of the Bloomin’ Blinds family, you get access to already-established, national accounts that include perks, privileges, advantageous pricing and support. Our vendors are chosen by corporate and franchisees can tap into any provided benefits by creating an account under our negotiated umbrella – signing up is as simple as filling out a vendor application.

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We have vendor agreements for most material needs for the business, including window covering manufacturers, window covering parts suppliers, vehicles, marketing, advertising materials, accounting services, merchant services, trade show materials, printed goods, uniforms, branded clothing and much more.

Get Started with Bloomin’ Blinds

Along with the aforementioned costs, you’ll need to make sure you budget for vehicles and vehicle signage, as well as your start-up expense fee and initial franchise fee – in total, you should be prepared to budget for an overall total of $34,495 to $117,425.

Starting your own business for the first time is a serious investment, but when you become a part of the Bloomin’ Blinds family, you’re not only investing in a proven franchise model, but you’re also receiving support from our team that you wouldn’t get if you were starting your business from the ground up.

One of the incredible features of our brand is our family-run operations, and we carry that over into how we work with and support our franchisees. You aren’t just another number to us, and we are dedicated to helping you succeed on your journey as a Bloomin’ Blinds franchise owner.

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