Are Woven Wood Blinds a Secret Weapon for Formal Living Spaces?

Bamboo blinds in a formal living room

When we think about the features in a formal living space, we usually imagine sleek lines, luxurious materials, and sometimes a monochrome color palette. Oftentimes, the window coverings that people associate with formal design are products like luxury curtains, shutters, or Roman shades.

But there is one overlooked option that is worth considering for any homeowner shopping for formal window treatments. Most people don't realize it, but woven wood blinds are a surprisingly versatile window treatment that can elevate formal spaces with their natural yet neutral, affordable yet sophisticated qualities.

Pair with Formal Rattan Furniture

Matching up woven wood blinds with rattan furniture is a no-brainer for anyone familiar with the materials they are made from. With woven wood as the shared feature, matching them in an interior design space just makes sense. While the concept of rattan is often associated with tropical, coastal, or Boho, nowadays rattan furniture can also be found in more formal spaces.

formal living room with rattan furniture and woven wood blinds on the windows

Woven wood blinds come in lighter and darker shades depending on how you want to contrast or match with the color of your rattan furniture. Some homeowners will prefer a lighter shade blind to balance against darker rattan.

room with rattan chair at a table and woven wood shades on windows

Notice how the lighter blinds complement the darker rattan chairs at the dining table.

dining room with dark rattan chairs and light tan bamboo blinds on windows

A Strong Choice for Rustic Formal Design

Rustic formal design sometimes takes the form of the popular term “Farmhouse Chic”, but other times it is found in a simple preference for vintage or antique design elements or even more natural or rugged materials. Woven wood blinds are an excellent choice for someone moving in any of these aesthetic directions. Their raw texture and natural appearance fit well with rustic elements like stone fireplaces, exposed beams, or handcrafted furniture.

Notice how the woven wood in the image below matches well with the imperfections in the brick walls and formal chair.

corner of room with brick walls and formal chair with bamboo blinds on window

Rich Textures for a Formal Bedroom

Aformal bedroom should exude serenity and luxury. Woven wood blinds bring a new layer of texture and richness that doesn’t overwhelm the stateliness already present in a room. Many people will be surprised to find that woven wood actually looks great when paired with (earthtone) drapes, which are a staple of most formal bedrooms.

Observe how the beige drapes contrast well with the dark woven wood.

formal bedroom with dark brown woven wood blinds and beige drapes

If you are looking for an alternative to the typical silks and satins in formal bedroom draperies, try out woven wood or bamboo blinds for an organic and texture-based appeal.

formal bedroom with four poster bed and woven wood blinds

Natural Color to Complement a Bold White Aesthetic

Bold and pervasive use of white is a popular choice for modern formal interiors. Bamboo and woven wood blinds can introduce a warmth and subtle earthiness that beautifully complements stark white fabrics, accents, and walls. The natural hues can bring a subtle color depth that breaks up the monotony of an all-white palette without detracting from its freshness and brightness.

bedroom with all white interior design, tan accent pillows, and tan bamboo blinds

White is obviously much more effective in brighter, more sunlit rooms. For this kind of lighting, a lighter variety of bamboo or woven wood is going to be the best option (closer to tan on the spectrum of possibilities).

white chairs in a living room with tan bamboo blinds

Balance for Rooms Relying Heavily on Wood Features

In rooms rich with wooden features, such as wood flooring or furniture, adding more wood can start to feel crowded. Therefore, in some instances, homeowners might want to avoid wood shutters or wood blinds and opt instead for woven wood. Woven wood and bamboo blinds provide the warmth and natural appeal of wood but in a softer, less imposing form. This helps maintain an airy feel in the room, ensuring that the space does not feel too heavy or cluttered.

kitchen with dark wood cupboards and floors; bamboo blinds on windows

Observe how the woven wood blinds chosen here match closely with the color of the wood.

living room with leather chairs and wood coffee table; dark woven wood blinds on windows

Discover the Elegance of Bamboo Blinds with Bloomin' Blinds

Incorporating bamboo and woven wood into formal spaces can bring some surprising visual qualities that many homeowners love. If you’re curious about whether woven wood will look right in your formal spaces, Bloomin’ Blinds offers free consultations where we come right to your front door. We can provide advice on different stylistic options that work well in formal environments and even provide you with some samples to hold up to the light in your room.

When you need us, the design experts at Bloomin’ Blinds are ready and waiting to transform your dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms into places of sophistication and natural beauty.

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