Plantation Shutters: Weighing the Pros and Cons

plantation shutters in bedroom

Plantation shutters are a sophisticated window treatment popular in both traditional and contemporary homes. With their distinctive louvers and sturdy construction, these timeless interior window treatments offer a blend of aesthetic charm, light control, and privacy management. If you are thinking about purchasing plantation shutters, there are several pros and cons to consider to determine if they are the perfect fit for your home.

What are the Pros of Plantation Shutters?

Increased Home Value

If enhancing the resale value of your home is important to you, plantation shutters offer some of the best ROI available compared with other window treatments. It is well known that many home buyers find shutters to be an attractive interior design feature. Some experts believe that the actual return-on-investment can range as high as 75%.

Timeless Aesthetic Appeal

Plantation shutters are one of the rare types of window treatments that are equally fitting in any of the 3 major interior decor styles of traditional, transitional, and contemporary. They possess the elegance desired for traditional interiors when built from high-quality natural wood. At the same time, white shutters are popular in contemporary design spaces for the simplicity and subtlety they convey.

Durability and Long-Lasting Construction

If well-maintained, plantation shutters can last decades. They are some of the most durable window coverings, especially when compared with cheaper window treatments like vinyl blinds, which tend to get damaged easily. Composite shutters are often the best choice for homeowners who are concerned about damage from moisture or sunlight. While many types of blinds are susceptible to warpage and breaking, plantation shutters tend to resist these tendencies when cared for properly.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

Blinds with small slats can be a pain to clean since every individual slat can harbor dust and dirt. Compare this with plantation shutters which usually have 2.5 inch to 4.5 inch slats, which makes them much easier to access and quicker to clean.

Enhanced Privacy and Light Filtration

Compared with roman shades or curtains, shutters allow you to maintain privacy while letting light in by adjusting the slats. Many homeowners find the ability to draw in light through the angled slats to be preferable to opening a shade that allows visibility inside the home. Adjustable slats enable precise light management, offering the flexibility to regulate the amount of sunlight entering the room without compromising on privacy, making them an ideal choice for spaces where both natural illumination and seclusion are desired.

What Are the Cons of Plantation Shutters?

Higher Initial Investment and Cost Considerations

Plantation shutters are generally the most expensive window treatment compared with blinds, shades, and drapes. Premium quality materials account for some of the elevated cost. Generally, plantation shutters are built from high-quality natural woods and specialized composite materials that are more expensive than fabrics or vinyl.

Furniture Placement and Space Requirements

Blinds and shades tend to lay much more flat against windows while plantation shutters can stick out a few inches. This can require furniture placement that is not as flush against a wall or window. Because a certain amount of clearance is needed for unobstructed operation, slightly more space is needed within any given room.

Not the Best Fit for All Window Types

Some windows are less than ideal for plantation shutters. Sometimes, tilt-in windows aren’t the best match for example. If shutters are inside mounted this can prevent the tilt-in operation. Crank windows can also pose challenges for mounting plantation shutters. With professional help and planning, it is often still possible to use shutters on casement windows if outside mounting provides enough space for the window crank.

Call the Experts at Bloomin’ Blinds to Discuss Whether Plantation Shutters Are Right for You

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