Can People See Through My Blinds?

hand pushing blinds down to see out of the window

When choosing window treatments, their function is just as important as their appearance. Window treatments significantly impact a room's aesthetic and design; however, they are also important tools for your home's privacy and security.

See-Through Window Treatments

There are certain treatments that don't offer the level of privacy you may be looking for. These are often made of lightweight, sheer, or thin fabrics. While these treatments typically complete the aesthetics of your home, they also allow passersby to catch a glimpse into your window.

If you want to keep these wispy, light treatments but want the option to increase your privacy, consider adding one of the following options to your windows:


One of the most popular window treatments is blinds. Blinds come in a variety of materials, such as wood, fabric, vinyl, or aluminum. Their slats allow you to adjust the level of visibility you'd like throughout the day. When properly fit and installed, closed blinds can offer a great level of privacy with a simple adjustment.


Shades offer a soft, clean look that blocks out light without compromising the look of a room. Whether you choose roller, cellular, or panel shades, these are a great privacy addition to any window.

Motorize for Optimal Privacy

No matter which treatment you choose, motorization can significantly increase your home's privacy in a convenient way. It can be easy to forget to close your blinds at night, when the harsh sun is streaming in, or at other times when you'd like to limit visibility into your home.

With our motorization services, you can close your treatments with the click of a button or with the help of a sun or temperature sensor! Other benefits of motorized treatments include:

  • Increased energy-efficiency
  • Convenient coverage for hard-to-reach windows
  • A streamlined look
  • Child safety
  • Protection from UV light damage

Can You See Through Blinds at Night? 

In most cases, it's easier to see through blinds at night when there is light on inside a home. But whether (or how much) one can see through blinds depends on the style and fabric. The easiest blinds to see through at night are roller blinds made from sheer fabrics.

If you are concerned about privacy at night time, there are plenty of ways to reduce visibility from the outside. For example, blackout drapes offer complete privacy and can be drawn over windows at night. Other options include roman shades made from heavy or opaque fabric, plantation shutters that can be closed, or blackout cellular shades.

Window Treatment Services

Keep your home secure and private with the help of your Bloomin' Blinds crew! Whether you're looking for new, opaque shades, adjustable blinds, or motorization of existing treatments, we're here to help. Contact us today to begin your design consultation!