How To Style Wooden Blinds In Your Home

Office with wooden blinds on windows

Whether they’re real or faux, wooden blinds are becoming an increasingly popular window covering for homes across the nation. Their natural, rustic look will instantly begin changing the look of a room, but what can you pair with these wooden blinds to complete your vision and create a cohesive space you love?

Read on for some of our favorite ways to compliment your wooden blinds.

Why Choose Wooden Blinds?

It’s no secret that wooden blinds bring a natural, sophisticated look to your windows. Their charm is certainly a pro that appeals to many homeowners, but they are also known for being:

  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting
  • Customizable

If you choose to install faux wooden blinds, you’ll notice they are more affordable, easier to clean, and at times more durable than real wood.

Styling Wooden Blinds


Your wooden blinds have a clean, hard look to them and if left alone could seem a bit harsh. Try pairing your blinds with lighter drapes on either side. The difference in these window coverings will compliment each other nicely and give your window a finished look.

If you’d rather have your wooden blinds be the star of the window, bring soft textures in with upholstered furniture, pillows, and rugs.

Wood Finishes

Don’t feel like you have to match the wood in your room to the wood tone of your blinds. This can make a room appear flat and repetitive. Be intentional about your wood choices while paying attention to undertones. If you choose warmer toned wood, stick with warm throughout and vice versa with cold tones.

Have fun mixing, matching, and playing with contrast until you reach a harmonious pairing you love.

Custom Wooden Blind Installation

Wondering how wooden blinds would look in your home? Try our window visualizer today and get a feel for what your home could look like with window coverings from Bloomin' Blinds. Then, when you’re ready for installation, contact our team to book your appointment!