Bloomin’ Blinds Local Owner Spotlight: Bill and Carrie Kobe

Locally owned businesses build strong communities. They bond people both economically and socially, contributing to town and regional success. There has never been a more important time to choose local, small business.

When you hire your local Bloomin’ Blinds team, you are shopping local while gaining the support, products, pricing and expertise of a larger organization. Bloomin' Blinds is fortunate to have a wonderful community of owners, operators and installers across the country. We are proud to have a diverse, unique group of dedicated individuals who represent the Bloomin' Blinds brand and our commitment to quality products and services. Bill and Carrie Kobe are true examples of a family business that focuses on building community through their work at Bloomin' Blinds of Houston.

The Journey to a Family Business

A Texan family through and through, Bill and Carrie met at a Thanksgiving get-together and, as they say, the rest is history. Bill began his career in the restaurant business as a general manager and learned of Bloomin' Blinds from a bartender of his in 2001, just as the company was getting started. While he went on to work in food distribution for 11 years, Bloomin' Blinds was always in the back of his mind.

They were married in Austin and as their family began to expand, they moved to Houston to be closer to family.

"So we started a business and our kids all at the same time," Carrie laughs. Two young daughters and a new business could easily be too much to handle for many couples, but Bill and Carrie stuck with it and opened Bloomin' Blinds of Houston.

Working Hand in Hand

As a husband and wife team, they have found a balance of responsibilities that works well for their business as well as their relationship. Knowing this is her strength, Carrie works part-time behind the scenes in bookkeeping and order tracking while Bill prefers to be out in the field.

"I've always been a people person…I really enjoy going, you know, just going and seeing people. It's kind of fun to just go in and meet new people and just kind of become a part of their world for a little while while they're building a house or redoing their stuff." Bill says.

Being a part of making someone's space look and feel like home is what the Kobe family loves about Bloomin' Blinds, and we can safely say that they are achieving just that in East Texas, and we are lucky to have them aboard.

We have locations right across the nation. Click here to find out who your local Bloomin’ Blinds owner is and request a free consultation. If you're in the Houston area and are in need of window covering services for your home, give Bill and Carrie Kobe a call!