The Best Window Coverings for Your Home Theater

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Home Theater Window Coverings

The popcorn has been popped, your comfy clothes are on, and you’re ready to settle in to watch a movie. You turn on the TV only to see a horrible glare coming in from the window and streaking right across the screen.

While you may love to have natural light streaming into your home, when it comes time to watch a movie, you’d like the room to be dark and cozy. Here are a few ways Bloomin' Blinds can help you achieve the perfect home theater experience.

Blackout Treatments: The Feature Presentation

When it comes time to choose your home theater window coverings, skip over the light filtering options and head straight for the blackout options. These will block all light from coming in and truly enhance your movie watching experience.

Would you rather go for a different look than blackout curtains? No worries! Simply add a blackout liner to one of the following styles.


If you’re going for a classic movie theater look, draperies are a great option. Their heaviness helps dampen sound and there are a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. Be sure to choose drapes in a thicker material and add a blackout liner for the ultimate movie night.

Roller Shades

For a sleeker, less fabric-heavy look, install roller shades in your home theater. They take up very little space, are easy to clean, and are a good fit for homes with a more modern aesthetic.

Motorized Treatments

Go the extra luxurious mile by motorizing your home theater window coverings! This eliminates cords, making the room more safe for children and pets. It also adds a layer of convenience to your movie experience and can be installed on a variety of fabrics and styles of window coverings.

If you’re ready to improve your home theater experience, give Bloomin' Blinds a call today. Find a location near you!