5 Fun Facts About Window Coverings

woman opening window coverings

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At Bloomin' Blinds, we always have window coverings on our minds. As your trusted blinds, shutters, and shades team, we are confident in saying we know a lot about the history of window coverings.

Today, we’re sharing some of that knowledge with you! Read on for some fun facts about window coverings and get a glimpse into the everyday conversations we have here at Bloomin' Blinds.

Reeds & Bamboo

We aren’t exactly sure when the first window coverings were made; however we know that the ancient people of Egypt and China wove theirs from reeds and bamboo. It was also common to hang animal hides over windows.

Ancient Rome

As the great Colosseum was being built in ancient Rome, the city became overwhelmingly dusty. To keep this dust out of their homes, the Romans hung damp pieces of fabric over their windows. This is where modern day Roman shades began!

Venetian Blinds

Though called Venetian blinds today, these coverings were actually invented by the Persian people. The blinds were traded to Venetian merchants, who brought them to Europe.

On Screen

Draperies have been placed center stage in film and television over the years. In The Sound of Music, we see Maria create beautiful new clothing for the Von Trapp children from the curtains in her room.

Similarly, in Gone With The Wind, Scarlett O’Hara’s green velvet dress is made from draperies. We also see the legendary Carol Burnett spoof Scarlet’s dress in her iconic sketch show as she dons a dress with the curtain rod still attached behind her neck.

Marble Blinds

The ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii included slatted blinds, almost like shutters, made entirely of marble. And you thought draperies were heavy!

We hope you enjoyed getting to learn a bit more about window coverings! Feeling inspired? Head over to our window visualizer tool to find the perfect treatments for your home.