How Much Energy Can Window Coverings Help You Save?

Living room with blinds closed

Energy Lost

When it comes to window coverings, you may make decisions based on their ability to provide shade, privacy, and style to a space. But have you ever thought to factor in how they can help improve your home’s efficiency?

While our windows provide us with beautiful natural light, they can also be a large source of lost energy which will wind up costing you when it comes time to pay your utility bills each month. tells us that windows can account for up to 30% of heating and cooling loss every year. Fortunately, window coverings are a great way to decrease this energy cost.

Shades To Help You Save

The exact amount that window coverings take off of your energy bill will depend on the treatments you choose, time of year, where you live, and your daily schedule.

Cellular Shades

One efficient option for your windows is honeycomb shades, also known as cellular shades. By trapping air between their material and the window, they can help reduce heat loss by up to 40% — that’s about 10% of your energy savings!

Roman Shades

For those who don’t mind having their shades drawn closed for the majority of the day, roman shades are a great choice. They are made of thick material that is great for insulation and often come in reversible colors — a darker side to face out in the winter and draw in heat, and a lighter side to reflect heat in the summer.

Stay in Style

Consciously choosing energy efficient window coverings does not mean you have to compromise style and design. Using our window visualizer tool, you can find well-insulating treatments that will help you save while fitting into your space perfectly!

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