Say Goodbye to Corded Blinds

bright room with blue cordless blinds on window

Corded blinds and shades have been around for a long time, and while you may have gotten used to pulling on the strings every morning to let the sunlight in, that tangled mess of cords can be inconvenient, unattractive, and dangerous.

Discover why so many are saying goodbye to cords and opting for sleek, cordless window treatments in their home.

The Benefits of Cordless Blinds

With many colors, styles, and varieties, it is no surprise that versatile cordless blinds have become one of the most popular choices for shading your home.

They Are Safer

If you have children or pets, you know all too well how easy it is for them to turn anything into a toy — and cords are no exception! These cords can be a choking hazard and have the potential to cause serious injury if you're not careful. Cordless blinds eliminate this problem at the source, making your window treatments much safer for the whole family, furry friends and all.

They Are Easy to Use and Maintain

Cordless blinds are very easy to use, and there are a few ways they operate. Some use a SafeLock button that, when pressed, releases the tension and allows you to move the bottom rail up or down. Other styles can be gently guided into place using your hands.

Because there are no cords to get tangled, you'll never have to waste time untangling knots or replacing broken strings.

They Are More Convenient

Cordless blinds are much more convenient than their corded counterparts. Their ability to be open and closed with one hand, their low maintenance nature, and their safer design make them an easy choice for your window treatments. You can even increase your cordless blind's convenience by having them motorized!

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The Bottom Line: Cordless Blinds Are the Way to Go

If you're looking for a safe, easy-to-use, and attractive window treatment option, cordless blinds are the choice for you. With the help of Bloomin' Blinds, you’re sure to find the perfect look for your home.

Take a look at our products, and see what our blinds will look like in your home with our online window visualizer! And when you’re ready, contact your local Bloomin' Blinds to schedule a consultation.