Why This is the Season to Motorize Your Window Coverings

Dark roller shades over windows at night

Smart homes have become the new standard of living and over the years, we’ve made our lights, televisions, speakers, and even thermostats voice-operated. Now, it’s time to do the same with your window treatments.

Busy homeowners are increasingly turning to technology to make their home more accessible, efficient, and safe. With winter right around the corner, there’s never been a better time to motorize your window treatments.

How Motorized Window Treatments and Smart Blinds Can Improve Your Home


Have you ever wished you could adjust your blinds without getting up from the couch? How about while you’re at a friend’s house? With motorized window treatments, you can!

By motorizing your window treatments, you can open and close them with a single tap of your smartphone or through Alexa and Google Home voice control.


According to the Department of Energy, windows are responsible for 25%–30% of a home’s heating and cooling loss throughout the year.

Window treatments are only beneficial if they’re being used the right way. If you’re not home to open and close them at the right time, they may not be working as efficiently as you think. With motorized treatments, you can program coverings to open in the morning and close once the sun starts to set (or vice versa).

Home Safety

Did you know that motorized window treatments and smart blinds could improve your home’s safety? Whether you’re going away on a long vacation or spending one night out of the house, you can program your window treatments to open in the morning and close at night, making it appear as though someone is home.

Child Safety

Parents will do just about anything to keep their little ones safe. Unfortunately, many parents don’t realize how dangerous window cords are. By motorizing your treatments, you completely eliminate the threat of a window cord injury.

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