The Best Window Treatments for Window Seats

Window with window seat

Window seats are a timeless, quaint addition to any home. After all, what homeowner wouldn’t love to start their day off by enjoying a cup of coffee and looking out the wall of windows next to them?

If you have a window seat or are thinking about adding one, it’s important to remember how window treatments will factor into your overall design and functionality.

Outfitting Window Seats with Window Coverings

No matter how large your windows are or where they are in your home, you never want to leave them uncovered, since uncovered windows can contribute to fading floors and furniture, poor energy efficiency, and a lack of privacy.

When looking for window seat treatments, it’s important to focus on more than just aesthetics. Because people will be leaning against the window, you want to choose a treatment that can easily be moved out of the way so that people aren’t leaning against it. Some of the best options include:

When designing a window seat, you should avoid:

Though we advise against leaning on your window treatments, you should still choose a soft option in case someone does bump up against your treatments while they’re lowered.

Choose Something That’s Easy to Clean

Especially if your window seat is in the kitchen or living room, there’s a good chance people will enjoy tea, coffee, breakfast, and snacks while sitting there. Because there’s a greater chance something can spill onto your treatments, you should choose easy-to-clean options, like vinyl roller shades.

Installing Smart Blinds, or Motorizing your Existing Window Treatments for Ease and Convenience

To make your shades easier to open and close, especially when guests are using the seat, you should consider having them motorized. And because this will likely be a seat that kids will want to play on, cordless options prevent the possibility of a cord-related injury.

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