FAQ: Real Wood Shutters

Wood shutters above kitchen sink

You’ve been researching different types of window treatments for days and have decided to go with shutters (excellent choice, by the way!). But before you can schedule your install, you have to decide which type of material would fit your home best — real wood or composite shutters.

Commonly Asked Questions About Wood Shutters

What’s the difference between real wood and composite shutters?

To the average homeowner, real wood and composite shutters look nearly identical in terms of style. However, there are a few key differences between the two, like:

  • Durability. Because wood shutters are 100% wood, they’re more prone to cracking, splitting, or rotting over time. However, composite shutters are made from wood and man-made materials, making them a bit more durable.
  • Cost. On average, wood shutters tend to be more expensive than composite shutters because they’re made from a completely natural resource.
  • Convenience. Composite shutters tend to be heavier than wood shutters, making them difficult for some people, such as the elderly, to open and close. And because of their weight, they may not be suitable for larger windows.

Are there any rooms wood shutters shouldn’t be installed in?

Wood shutters would look beautiful in most rooms of a house. However, there are a few places where other options may be more suitable. Rooms with fluctuating temperatures and moisture levels, like bathrooms and kitchens, may warp real wood shutters and cause them to age more rapidly.

Are wood shutters energy-efficient?

Wood shutters are a great way to add an additional layer of insulation to your home — in the summer, they keep your home cool by blocking sun rays and in the winter they can help retain heat.

Will wood shutters provide more privacy?

Absolutely! Because the entire shutter panel can be open or closed, or louvres can be adjusted to allow varying degrees of light in, shutters are ideal for bedroom and living room windows.

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