Window Treatments that Beat the Summer Heat

Beige room with shades on French doors

Without windows, our home would be a much darker place (both figuratively and literally). Whether they’re letting in natural sunlight or the sounds of birds chirping, many people would agree that large, beautiful windows are on their “must-have” list when searching for a home.

But large windows can pose a problem, particularly in the summer when temperatures across the country are their highest. You see, the larger your windows are, the more likely they are to let warm sun rays into your home, heating up your indoor temperature. Fortunately, there’s a simple and elegant solution to the problem of energy loss.

Window Treatments for Summer

Prevent energy waste this summer by installing these energy-efficient window treatments:

  • Cellular shades. The honeycomb shaped cells that sit within these shades trap air and provide an extra layer of protection. If your windows receive a lot of sun, use shades that have two cells rather than one.
  • Roman shades. Roman shades are often made from a thick material that also helps better insulate your home. Unfortunately, one of the few drawbacks of these shades is that they have to remain closed for most of the day in order to be effective.
  • Roller shades. Roller shades are known for their ability to block solar heat and glare, providing your home with both heat and UV protection.
  • Shutters. Each year, poorly insulated windows cost homeowners across the country thousands of dollars in lost energy. If they are correctly positioned tight to the window frame, professionally installed shutters can cut down on the amount of air flowing outside (or vice versa).
  • Exterior window treatments. Have you ever thought about taking your treatments outside? By hanging shades on the outside of your window, you can block sunlight before it ever has the chance to touch your windows, thereby reducing energy costs.

While window treatments are perhaps best known for their ability to cut down on energy costs, their benefits don’t stop there. Quality window treatments can also prevent your floor and furniture from fading, and provide you with more privacy.

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