How to Shorten Blinds

How to Shorten Blinds

Unless you’re getting customized blinds designed to fit your window exactly, you might have to adjust the “one-size-fits-all” model you just bought. People typically decide to shorten their blinds because they hang a little too far over the window ledge. Not only is this aesthetically unpleasant, but too-long blinds can also be hazardous to pets and young children (it’s a strangulation hazard).

Below, we’re going to outline the best way to shorten your blinds.

How to Shorten Vertical Blinds

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Many popular vertical blinds are composed of a thin PVC vinyl material. They’re the easiest to trim because they can be cut with sharp scissors. If the vertical blinds are already installed, your first step is to determine where you need to cut. Choose one vane to use as the marker for all vanes following. While the vane is hanging, mark where you need to cut by using a pencil or sticky note so that it measures the appropriate length. If your vertical blinds aren’t installed, you will need to determine where the vanes will fall once it’s installed. This process is best done with two people, with one person to hold the uninstalled blinds in place and one person to make the mark on the measuring vane.

Next, remove all vertical vanes from the headrail track. Most vertical blinds are kept in place by a small clip on the track. Take the vane that you marked and use a pencil and a ruler to draw a straight line across the bottom of the vane. This line marks where you will cut. Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut straight along the line you marked.

Using the cut vane as a model, mark each of the other vanes with a pencil or a sticky note and follow the same steps to cut all other vanes. The blinds should all now be uniform in length and at the height you want.

How to Shorten Vinyl Blinds

vinyl blinds

It’s somewhat tricky, but not impossible, to shorten vinyl blinds. If you’re not sure you can disassemble your blinds and put them back together, your best choice would be to consult a professional, who can either adjust your current blinds or install custom blinds that don’t require adjustment.

Shortening vinyl blinds involves a pair of scissors, a pair of pliers, and attention to detail. First, you must install the blinds. The installation allows you to determine where they currently hang and where the bottom slat needs to fall.

Make sure to lower the blinds completely. Check the bottom of the end rail. If the end caps are already installed, take them out. Removing end caps isn’t difficult and can be done using your nails, a pen, or a knife. Take care not to scratch the bottom rail with whatever tool you use to remove the end caps.

Next, take out the bottom slat. You can slide it out using your finger, after which you can see inside the portion of the rail. Choose which slat is right next to the windowsill and mark it with a sticky note or a piece of painter’s tape. This slat will be your new bottom slat.

Remove all unnecessary slat below the new bottom slat and raise the bottom rail to the new slat. You will have to depress the lift button and raise the bottom raise till the point where it touches the new bottom slat.

Next, insert the ladder cords in the opening of the bottom rail and pull them as far as possible. Make sure to check the desired length of the shortened window blind twice before you proceed. Cut the metal eyelets of the ladder cords, then trim the ladder cords.

Take eyelets and thread either end of the ladder cord through the openings in these eyelets. This process must be repeated for all ladder cords.

Afterward, push the eyelets in as far as possible in the headrail. Compress them using your pliers. Do this for all ladder cords.

Trim extra ladder cord below the eyelets of the new slat, and tie them off property for safety.

Last, make sure all the cords are tucked inside the bottom rail before you slide the salt inside and put the end caps back on.

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