Which Blinds Block Most Light

Shade coverings in a bathroom

The best window treatments for blocking light include:

  • Roller shades: These window treatments come in endless fabric and style options, as well as fabric opacity. They can be either light-filtering or blackout, and because roller shades are made of one continuous piece of fabric, there is no possibility for light gaps.
  • Cellular shades: Energy efficiency meets style with cellular shades. They offer optimal light control, especially with room-darkening fabrics. Cellular shades are one of the best choices for boosting your energy savings. They come in single, double, and triple-celled options, and the more cells the shades have, the better the insulation they offer.
  • Roman shades: This is a timeless yet versatile style that makes a stylish statement, depending on the pattern, color, and fabric type you choose. They are also an excellent choice for people who love the look of drapes but prefer less clutter. They offer light management, especially in heavier, room-darkening fabrics.
  • Draperies: These window treatments reach all the way down to the floor and can boost the light control of a room with shades made of sheerer fabrics. Drapes can be backed with a liner, so they totally block the light.

Do Shades or Blinds Block More Light?

If you want blackout blinds, you may appreciate shades instead of blinds, because they offer better light control. While shades are made from fabric, blinds have slats made of wood, faux wood, aluminum, or other materials that let light penetrate more easily.

If you want shades that block light, you should consider blackout shades for the most light control. Light-filtering blocks most light, but not as much as blackout shades. Unless you opt for the sheerest fabrics, shades provide better light control compared to blinds. That’s because room-darkening/light-filtering shades are made of fabric material instead of slats, as blinds are. However, certain shades offer more light control benefits than others, and all have their own unique characteristics and customization options.

The Difference Between Blackout vs. Light-Filtering Shades

Light-filtering shades do exactly as the name suggests – while they provide privacy, but they still allow some light through the window. By contrast, blackout shades block out all sunlight, making them the perfect choice for bedrooms, nurseries, media rooms, or any rooms that need to be kept dark. A darker room can also feel cozier as you tilt your blinds to let sunlight in or out. An outside mount provides total light control and eliminates the most light. A room-darkening liner on the inside of the window shade can be sewn onto the fabric to boost light control.

It’s important to note that an outside mount application is the best way to block out light. Inside mounts still allow light to penetrate on the sides of the shades or blinds.

Choose Bloomin’ Blinds for Customizable Window Shades

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