Motorize Your Existing Window Coverings with our Retro-Fit Motors

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Motorize Existing Horizontal Blinds and Roller Shades

If you still love the look of your window treatments, but not their (lack of) functionality, we can motorize most existing blinds and shades. By adding a motor to the tilt of blinds and the lift of roller shades, you can add new life and functionality to what you already have. Let us bring our retro-fit motors to the house, saving you the time, hassle, and expense of getting entirely new blinds.

Update Battery-Powered Roller Shades

Older versions of motorized roller shades used 8 AA batteries and the batteries would need to be changed every 6-12 months. At $20 per 8 batteries, that’s a very expensive cost year after year…and don’t forget to multiply that by the number of motorized shades you have in the home. Bloomin’ Blinds can improve the situation at your home with our in-home service, we can retrofit your battery-powered roller window shades with:

  • Rechargeable battery packs: Rechargeable battery packs are stronger than the old AA battery versions and hold enough charge to get a shade up and down over 400 times before needing a new charge. We include a micro-USB charging cable for easy charging (4 hours to recharge).
  • Solar panels: Light-harvesting technology allows the solar panel to continually recharge the batteries, virtually eliminating the need to recharge through the micro-USB cable.

The Convenience Smart Shades & Alexa-Controlled Smart Blinds

You can control your automatic window treatments using your smartphone or with voice control using your Amazon Alexa device. Simply touch a button on your phone, or give a voice command to your Amazon Alexa to close or open your shades.

The Exceptions for Motorization

Though most window treatments can be motorized, there are a few exceptions:

  • Age. If your treatments were installed several years ago, they may not be able to be retrofitted.
  • Brand. We’re proud to repair and motorize many different brands, however there are a few that do not allow for retrofitted motorization.
  • Style. The design and style of your treatments can affect whether or not they can be motorized.

Why Motorized Blinds are Worth It

Have you ever wished you could adjust your blinds while you’re sitting on the couch? How about while you’re away on vacation? With motorized window treatments, you can easily increase your convenience and energy efficiency with the push of a button. Most importantly, you’ll be making your home safe for pets and little ones by completely eliminating dangerous cords.

Motorization is a great solution for hard-to-reach treatments like skylight shutters. Motorization is also a popular option to install on outdoor patio blinds. Rather than having to walk around manually raising all of the exterior blinds around your patio, motorization allows you to control everything with the touch of a button. With a remote control, you can reduce sun glare without stepping outside or prepare for a storm by raising your unit without getting wet. 

Motorized blinds, shades, and shutters can transform a room from average to extraordinary. Contact us today for a free quote from Bloomin’ Blinds!

Kelsey Stuart About the Author: Kelsey Stuart, Bloomin’ Blinds
Kelsey is the current CEO for Bloomin’ Blinds and has been an expert in the window covering industry since 2002. He is an expert in window treatment sales and marketing, and has sold over $2.5 million in window coverings in a year. Kelsey’s favorite hobby is traveling and tries to take week-long trips at least once every three months. He also enjoys anything involving mountains, pine needles, and hiking.