Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments for Summer Months

motorized shades in white living room

If you’re like many people, you enjoy swapping out your window treatments every few years (or even as the seasons change). But rather than focus on fabric and design, it’s time to upgrade them in a way you haven’t been able to until recently. Yes, we’re talking about motorization!

Over the years, motorized blinds, shutters, and shades have revolutionized the effect window treatments have on a home.

Thinking of investing in motorized blinds? See for yourself why they provide so much more than just convenience (though that’s certainly a good reason, too!).

Temperature Regulation

Especially if you have south-facing windows, you know just how strong the summer sun can be — by noon, it’s not uncommon for a living room to feel more like a greenhouse. But with motorized windows, you can lower your shades with just the touch of a button. Even better, you can program them to roll up or down on a predetermined schedule. This means no more walking in after a long day to a sweltering house.

Trust us — your air conditioner and electric bill will be thankful for the energy-efficient upgrade!

Light Control

Long days are the best part of summer — except if you’re the parent of a little one who goes to sleep when the sun is still up. With blackout, motorized shades, your rooms can be cool, dark, and comfortable, no matter what the weather is doing outside.

But it’s not just bedrooms that can benefit from a little more light control. Limiting the amount of light your living room, dining room, and kitchen get can help make guests feel more comfortable and even keep furniture from fading.

Child Safety

The dangers of window cords are still relatively unknown to many parents. Unfortunately, more than 16,000 children were brought to emergency rooms between 1990 and 2015 for injuries caused by window cords. But by getting rid of the cord, parents can rest easy knowing their little one is playing safely in any room.

Sense of Security

Heading off on a long summer vacation? With motorized treatments, you no longer have to choose between simply leaving them closed or drawn the entire time. By programming your blinds to open during the day and close at night, you can create the illusion that you’re still home.

At Bloomin’ Blinds, our greatest priority is your comfort and satisfaction. That is why we offer a wide variety of motorized blinds, shutters, and shades to meet all of your needs. Contact us today to find your nearest Bloomin’ Blinds!

Kelsey Stuart About the Author: Kelsey Stuart, Bloomin’ Blinds
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