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  • Commercial Window Treatments For Your Business Office building with large windows When it comes to designing an office space, there are a few things that come to mind right away — desks, computers, and conference tables, to name a few. But what about window treatments? While they may not seem like a big decision, the treatments you buy could have a ... Continue Reading
  • Protect Your Furniture From Sun Damage Living room with large windows Ask anyone what they look for in a new home and odds are “big windows” or “natural light” will be high on their priority list. But fast forward a few years and you may find that your furniture is starting to fade because it’s constantly sitting in direct sunlight. If your ... Continue Reading
  • Creating a Guest Room No One Will Want to Leave White bed one brick wall With the holidays in full swing, your spare bedroom is probably seeing guests for the first time in months. And while it may seem like a guest bedroom needs nothing more than a bed, that’s far from the truth. Especially if your loved ones are staying for a few nights, try to ... Continue Reading
  • Your Local Window Treatment Store Modern kitchen with white shades Window Coverings — they’re one of the first things people notice when they walk into your home. Needless to say, your window treatments can set the tone for your entire home. So isn’t it important to send the right message? Whether you need to repair your existing treatments ... Continue Reading
  • Schedule a Virtual Window Treatment Consultation Today! Sea foam green breakfast nook and rolling shades When the COVID-19 pandemic hit North America earlier this year, our first priority quickly became keeping our customers and franchise owner/operators safe. In an effort to limit in-person communication while still providing the services we’ve become known for, we decided to ... Continue Reading
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