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  • How to Upcycle Old Curtains curtains Replacing your curtains with custom blinds or shades can add modern sophistication to a room, making it a common upgrade for homeowners. But what should you do with your old curtains? On the silver screen, Scarlett O’Hara fashions a dress out of her green velvet drapes in ... Continue Reading
  • DIY Frosted Windows Temporary & Permanent Options DIY Frosted Windows When it comes to the average dwelling, some design decisions make more sense than others. A large bay window overlooking a lush backyard landscape? Beautiful. A crystal-clear casement window facing the toilet in a bathroom? Not ideal. While blinds or shades can be a great ... Continue Reading
  • Which Blinds Are the Safest for Children & Pets? baby in front of window blinds Learn How to Child-Proof Your Window Treatments You can make your home safer from the deadly hazard of corded blinds by following these safety tips: Move furniture away from the blind cords, especially cribs and toys. Keep the cords out of reach of small children. Eliminate ... Continue Reading
  • How to Clean Faux Wood Blinds man cleaning faux wood blinds with rag Maybe you moved into a new home with dirty blinds, or your blinds have built up grime over months or years since you last gave them a thorough clean. If your faux wood blinds are looking a bit dusty, dirty, or smudged, you’re in luck, because they’re one of the easiest ... Continue Reading
  • How Do I Clean My Cellular Shades? cellular shades Cellular shades, also called honeycomb shades, have a unique, pleated, accordion-style fabric design that stylishly and effectively blocks out sunlight and helps control room temperature. While they are easy to maintain, they can trap dust and debris from the air that ... Continue Reading
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