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Posts from January, 2020

  • Energy Efficient Window Treatments Blue shades in entryway Top 5 Most Energy Saving Window Treatments Did you know that the right window coverings can effectively reduce energy loss through windows, lower your HVAC bills, and improve the comfort of your home? If you live in an area that gets unbearably hot during the summer, heat ... Continue Reading
  • What are the Different Types of Window Treatments? Honeycomb Shades Window treatments are often the unsung heroes of the interior design world. Just like windows, treatments can make or break a space — not only do they need to be beautiful, but they also have to function well in your home. Fortunately, with so many options to choose from, ... Continue Reading
  • Window Measuring Mistakes Just as you’d want a custom suit to be exactly tailored to your unique measures, the same is true for window treatments. At Bloomin’ Blinds, every window covering we make is custom made to ensure it fits your windows, even if they are an unusual shape. Exact measurements are ... Continue Reading
  • The Most Common Repairs for Window Blinds Living room with new blinds Window blinds are built strong and will last many years before you ever have a problem with them. But like everything in your home, even blinds have a shelf life. Especially if you have small children or pets in your home, you may have recently noticed that your blinds have ... Continue Reading
  • Do Blinds Come with My New Home? Do Blinds Come with My New Home? Are you in the market for a new home? Congratulations! This new chapter of your life is bound to be exciting, but also filled with questions you likely never anticipated. For instance, you may be curious if the purchase of your new home will include the window coverings like ... Continue Reading
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