Best Window Treatments for Bathrooms

Best Blinds for Bathroom Windows

Bathroom windows can contribute to a bright, relaxing atmosphere—or create a logistical nightmare. Not every home bathroom has this particular design element, but if yours does, you likely identify with one of those two extremes. Love them or hate them, virtually all bathroom windows can be improved with the right window coverings, so Bloomin' Blinds has some tips for choosing the best blinds for your bathroom.

What Are the Best Blinds for Bathrooms?

We recommend faux wood blinds and shutters for bathroom window coverings, as well as vinyl roller shades and vinyl or aluminum blinds.

These options all stand up to the humidity and moisture present in a bathroom while offering plenty of privacy and style. Of course, every homeowner has unique goals and priorities when choosing window treatments, and there are many other options that may be appropriate for your particular bathroom window.

For instance, we’ve customized and installed roman shades and cellular shades for bathrooms with beautiful results.

windows with closed venetian blinds over a large tub

What to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Window Treatments

Bathroom windows can present a number of design challenges, so it’s best to have a good idea of what you want to accomplish with your window treatments before deciding on a style. If you’re not sure where to start, our experts at Bloomin' Blinds can consult with you to help you discover your priorities and show you options to meet those goals. When considering your options for bathroom window treatments, you’ll want to keep the following factors in mind.

Moisture Resistance

Whether you’re choosing window treatments for a spacious and spa-like en suite or a cramped and cozy powder room, moisture will be an issue.

For this reason, coverings made from moisture-resistant materials, such as faux wood shutters and vinyl mini blinds, are ideal to combat mold and mildew and to facilitate easier cleaning and maintenance.

bathroom blinds


Bathrooms are private places.

You, your family, and any guests or visitors will feel much more at ease in a bathroom with a window if it’s obvious no one can see in from the outside.

Mini blinds in aluminum or vinyl are a good option for privacy in a bathroom, as are roller shades.

bathroom with vinyl window blinds

For bathrooms on the top floor or where sightlines from above are not a concern, cellular shades with top-down/bottom-up functionality provide a view of the outside world while preserving privacy.

bathroom window shade

Light Filtering

Natural light is often highly prized in a bathroom. It can make the space feel bigger and brighter, help with accurate makeup application or shaving, and even boost your mood. But since privacy is also valued in bathrooms, light-filtering window treatments allow in natural light without sacrificing privacy.

Cellular shades offer a diffused glow of sunlight, while the louvers of faux wood shutters can be adjusted to let in the perfect amount of light while obscuring the view from outside.

faux wood shutters over a large window by a tub


What kind of mood are you trying to achieve in the space? What is your existing decorating scheme?

Faux wood blinds can lend an upscale, modern look or a lived-in warmth. Classic white faux wood shutters add timeless and practical style. Our design experts can help offer suggestions to suit any taste.

zebra blinds in a bathroom over the tub

Which Window Treatments Should Never Be Used in Bathrooms?

Some window treatments are better suited to use in bathrooms than others, though most can work under the right circumstances. However, there a few window coverings that are rarely, if ever, appropriate for bathroom windows.

We discourage wood shutters and wood blinds as bathroom options for the simple reason that they are not suitably moisture resistant. Because wood is porous, the wet, humid conditions in a bathroom can cause warping, rotting, or mold growth. Its porous nature also makes them more difficult to clean—not a great option for one of the germiest rooms in the home.

Solar shades also make poor bathroom window coverings.

Though they might seem like a smart, energy-efficient idea during the day, especially for bathrooms that receive strong direct sunlight, at night they become fully transparent from the outside. Unless you want to relinquish your privacy after dark, opt for something else.

It’s worth noting that fabric-based options, such as curtains or roman shades, should be used with caution, as too much moisture and humidity can encourage mildew or mold on softer textiles. If you do choose to use fabric window treatments in a bathroom, because to run the exhaust fan or utilize proper ventilation when taking a bath or shower.

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Need Bathroom Blinds? Call Bloomin’ Blinds.

Our experts at Bloomin' Blinds are ready to help you find the best window treatments for your bathroom. We offer free consultations—either virtually or in your home—to discuss your needs, style, and preferences. Whether you know exactly what you want or need a little guidance and inspiration, we’ll provide you with the perfect custom blinds and professional installation. Schedule your free consultation today.

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