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The Convenience of Motorized Shades

For many people, the idea of motorized window treatments seems like a luxury. After almost 20 years in the business, we at Bloomin' Blinds can say that there are many reason motorized window treatments should be a staple in most homes. In fact, here are eight reasons why you should invest in motorized window treatments.

1. Programmable Options

With programmable options, open, closed, up, and down are no longer your only options. Timers allow for automated movement without any interaction from you at all, waking you in the morning or putting you to bed in the evening.

2. Hard-to-Reach Treatments

Why are the most beautiful windows the hardest to reach? When that’s the case, many people choose to skip window treatments altogether. With motorized blinds, shades, and shutters you can cover those hard-to-reach windows and still have full control of them!

3. Energy Efficiency

Uncovered windows cost you money. An uncovered window is sure to allow excessive heat, cold, and damaging UV rays into your home. Uncovered windows are sure to add to your energy bill, wasting your hard-earned money month after month. By adding motorization to a window treatment, you can cover your windows with your favorite blinds, shades, or shutters during the hottest parts of the day and reduce your power bill. Cloudy day? them up with just the touch of a button.

4. Hands-Free Opening & Closing with Alexa

“Alexa, open the blinds.” With motorization, opening and closing your window treatments could be as simple as that. Most of our motorized options are compatible with smart home technology, like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home; or controlled by an app on your phone.

5. A Clean Look

Window cords tend to look messy and unappealing. By converting to motorized treatments, you can eliminate the look of a cord altogether.

Motorized blinds, shades, and shutters can transform a room from average into extraordinary. Contact us today for a free quote from Bloomin’ Blinds!

6. Child Safety

It’s a tragic reality that corded window treatments pose a serious health and safety risk for young children and pets. Without a cord, you can control your blinds or shades with just the touch of a button on your smartphone or via voice control.

7. Protection from UV Light Damage

Furniture and wall hangings can fade from UV light damage, but motorized blinds make it easy to shield them from harmful UV rays. Sun sensors read the intensity of the sun and will adjust your coverings to protect the home from excessive heat and UV rays.

8. Security

With programmable window treatments, you can create the illusion that you are home. By programming your blinds to open and close at various times throughout the day, it gives the appearance of people living inside, which can discourage any neighborhood break ins while you and your family are out on vacation.

Have we convinced you to switch to motorized blinds or shades? We thought so!

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Kris Stuart About the Author: Kris Stuart, Bloomin’ Blinds
Kris has been a window covering expert in the industry since 2001. He has expertise in a wide range of window covering matters, including repairs, installations, sales, and administration. In his free time, Kris loves to spend time with his wife and kids, making them laugh, travel together, and trying new hobbies.