Window Treatments for Mobile Homes

Install Perfect Window Coverings for Your Unique Needs

Our team of blinds experts at Bloomin' Blinds have years of experience helping customers find the perfect fit for all kinds of different homes. For mobile homes specifically, you will likely have some unique priorities to keep your space looking how you want. This might mean you want to maximize space around your windows to let more light in. It could mean you want to make the space look bigger or more elegant. Whatever your goals are, our team will listen to you during your free consultation so you get exactly the look you want. 

Mobile Home Blinds

If you are looking for different options with blinds, we offer plenty of styles in a range of colors and materials. Check out some of our different recommendations below. 

Blinds for Privacy 

If privacy is a priority, we recommend checking out roller blinds. These come in a variety of materials that can filter light differently. Blackout shades are a kind of roller blind that will completely block out sunlight and keep inside and outside completely separated whenever you want to pull them down. Cellular shades are another good option for letting in more light while still maintaining privacy. mobile home with tan roller blinds

Blinds for Reducing Energy Consumption

One of the best options for increasing energy-efficiency are honeycomb blinds (AKA cellular shades). Those treatments have layers of cells that trap air to keep the cool or heat outside of your window from coming inside. These come in single cell, double cell, and triple cell options. Triple cell honeycomb blinds offer maximum insulation. close up of the layers of honeycomb blinds

Besides honeycomb blinds, most types of shades are a good option for reducing energy consumption. This applies to blackout shades, roman shades, and solar shades. 

Blinds for Affordability

Aluminum mini-blinds are some of the most affordable options on the market. Roller blinds tend to be the other most affordable option. 

Blinds That Are Lightweight

The weight of window treatments can sometimes be a challenge to overcome with mobile homes. Most homeowners do not want to drill holes in their walls, so they have to use other methods to set up their blinds. This means that heavier fabrics and materials may not always be the most suitable. So what are some lightweight options to consider? 

Woven wood blinds are often made from bamboo or other wood materials that are extremely lightweight like grass or straw. Because honeycomb blinds are mostly hollow to trap air and provide insulation, they are also very lightweight. Roller blinds and Roman blinds can be made from light fabrics like cotton or linen.

Curtains for Mobile Homes

Make a Small Space Look Bigger

Curtains are a popular choice for people who want to add a stylish aesthetic to their mobile home. One of the main reasons they are sought after is because they can make smaller spaces feel bigger, especially if the windows are smaller sized. The key is to hang the curtains far above the window, close to the ceiling, so that they drape from ceiling to the floor. woman hanging curtains above her windows

Valances Are Another Option 

If you want to minimize covering your window while adding some elegance or personality to your room, consider adding valances over your windows. Just like curtains can make a space appear larger, valances can also add height when they are correctly positioned to just  barely touch the top of a window. 

Uniqueness of Installing Blinds in a Mobile Home

Mobile homes can present special challenges for putting up window treatments if you are trying to avoid drilling holes in your walls or you are working with smaller windows or minimal space. Our professionals understand all the methods available for installing curtains, blinds, or shades without drilling holes. If you have unique windows or require other special adjustments, our team specializes in customized window treatments. 

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