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Are your window blinds looking outdated or run-down? It could be time to start thinking about installing custom blinds to spruce up your home! At Bloomin' Blinds of San Fernando Valley, we take care of blinds installations and more. 

Do you want to accent your windows by adding a brand-new window treatment? Or are you seeking more practical or functional blinds? No matter what piques your interest, our Glendale team is here to help with our custom blinds installation services.

Contact us online or call us at (818) 918-5589 for more information about our custom window blind installation services in Glendale!

Find the Perfect Blinds for Your Glendale Home

Bloomin' Blinds' expansive inventory makes us the go-to for window blinds in Glendale. We sell and install all types of blinds you might be in the market for. 

Whether you want the easy upkeep of vinyl blinds or the stately elegance of wood blinds, we have you covered! Our visionary designers and skilled installers will help you from start to finish.

Benefits Of Window Blind Installations

Installing window blinds is an easy and attractive way to upgrade your windows in both form and function.

  • Light Control. Blinds give you control over the amount of sunlight entering a room, allowing you to reduce glare from the sun.
  • Save Money. Installing window blinds can contribute to improved energy savings by blocking the sun and heat in the summer months which keeps your space cooler.
  • Privacy.  Window blinds increase privacy in your home or office by allowing you to close off your windows. 
  • Improve Your Design. Different types of window blinds are available, providing the opportunity for unique interior design schemes that will improve the look of any living space.

With so many advantages, it's easy to see why installing window blinds should be at the top of considerations for any home or business owner looking to improve their space.

Looking for window blind installation services near you? You’ve come to the right place! Request a free onsite consultation online or call us at (818) 918-5589

What is the Average Cost of Blinds?

When it comes to blind installation the cost can vary depending on the type of blinds and materials you choose. On average, the price for custom blinds installed per window ranges between $148 to $219. Factors like the size of the window, the type of material, and the complexity of the installation can influence the final price.

At Bloomin' Blinds of San Fernando Valley, we understand the importance of finding the right window treatment solution that suits your needs and budget. That's why we're here to help you get the estimate you need for your window blinds project. Whether you're interested in elegant wood blinds, budget-friendly faux wood blinds, or sleek aluminum mini blinds, we have a wide selection to choose from.

With our expert guidance and personalized service, you can rest assured that you'll find the ideal blinds that complement your home décor while staying within your budget. Take advantage of our FREE virtual consultation and get one step closer to transforming your windows with beautiful and functional blinds.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation and begin your journey towards enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your home.

Looking to enhance your home with stylish blinds in Glendale, CA? Call us today at (818) 918-5589 or reach out online to schedule your consultation and begin your journey towards elevating the aesthetics and functionality of your living space.

Why Choose Our Custom Blinds

Our customers choose blinds because of the following benefits:


Variety of Fabrics & Styles

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Top Seller

Top Seller

Cost Effective

Remote Control Option

Visualize this Product in Your Space or Contact Us Now

Partner With Our Window Treatment Experts at Bloomin’ Blinds of San Fernando Valley

In three easy steps, we will help you select and enjoy the best blinds in Glendale in your home:

  • Free in-home consultation – First, we will visit your home or office for your free consultation. We will brainstorm specific design choices that match your vision. After our consultation, we leave you with a free estimate, no strings attached.
  • Design suggestions & final decisionsBloomin’ Blinds design experts are here for you! Together, we will browse our extensive inventory of colors, styles, materials, and hardware. Our team will be available to offer expert tips and recommendations. But you can rest assured that the final decision is in your hands. Nothing makes our team happier than knowing you fall in love with the final window treatment.
  • Trustworthy, professional blinds installationOur blind installation experts will work with your schedule. We strive to accommodate whenever you want to install your new custom blinds. If anything isn’t as you envisioned, we will do everything in our power to ensure you’re satisfied!

Looking for a professional blinds installation team? Look no further than Bloomin' Blinds of San Fernando Valley. When it comes to going the extra mile, our team in Glendale is the best in the industry.

Dial (818) 918-5589 or contact us online for professional blinds installation near you.

The Many Types of Blinds

Blinds are one of the most sought-after window treatments we offer. No matter how your home or office looks, adding a stylish set of new blinds will improve your space. 

When it comes to window treatments, blinds are preferred for their low maintenance. In fact, you won't need much more than a sponge, cloth, or duster to clean your blinds and keep them in great shape.

One of the great things about blinds is how customizable they can be. That is why Bloomin' Blinds of San Fernando Valley offers a wide array of designs to match your tastes. With countless materials, colors, and styles to choose from, we'll help you discover the perfect combination!

Functional, Versatile Custom Blinds

Another critical component of blinds is functionality. When designing your custom window blinds, we always offer a variety of options. From motorized options to pull ties, you'll decide what method and materials you desire. You'll have full power to control the visibility and lighting in your office or home.

Our Glendale blind experts are here to help you find the perfect window treatment solutions for your space! Call today at (818) 918-5589 or contact us online for a free onsite estimate. 

The Perks of Professional Installation

When it comes to renovations and upgrades, many homeowners try to accommodate their budgets with DIY projects. We are all too aware of how the decision can backfire. Even small errors can make a huge difference in curb appeal. 

A professional blinds installation company can install blinds with laser precision. By choosing our window treatments, you'll get industry-leading designs, materials, and experienced technicians.

Our team of blinds installation pros has the tools required to complete a nice install of blinds, shutters, or shades. They have years of experience cutting blinds so that each edge is perfectly cornered. With Bloomin' Blinds of San Fernando Valley, you will know that your blinds get a precise install.

When Is It Time to Call Our Blind Company Near You?

Depending on the type of window treatment, blinds generally last between five to eight years. Although worn or outdated blinds can be unsightly, they can also be dangerous, especially for children. Let our Glendale blind company near you replace your blinds and rejuvenate your home.

The following are common signs it’s time to replace your window blinds:

  • Broken, warped, or misshapen slats
  • Discolored blinds
  • Issues lowering and raising blinds
  • Problems with the blinds’ tilt mechanism
  • Worn-out cord
  • New windows installed

Whether you want custom white blinds, cordless blinds, vinyl blinds, or anything in between, we can help. Call (818) 918-5589 or contact us online today! 

gray couch with orange pillows
white blinds with dining table and chairs
  • 2 inch Wood Blinds
  • White 2” faux wood blinds in kitchen with dark cabinets
  • Graphite Faux Wood 2" Blinds with Premium Valence Upgrade
  • 2" Driftwood Gray Wood Blinds with Blue Cloth Tape
  • 2 inch Wood Blinds
  • White 2” faux wood blinds in kitchen with dark cabinets
  • Graphite Faux Wood 2" Blinds with Premium Valence Upgrade
  • 2" Driftwood Gray Wood Blinds with Blue Cloth Tape
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