3 Tools to Help Your Home Design

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Some people have a natural eye for design — they walk into an empty room and immediately see its potential. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for everyone ready to upgrade or redesign their home. If you don’t have “the eye,” don’t worry! These tools can make decorating any room a bit easier.

Helpful Tools to Use When Decorating Your Home

Bloomin’ Blinds’ Window Visualizer Tool

Ever wish you could see exactly what your window treatments are going to look like once they’ve been hung? When you upload a photo of your home, that’s exactly what you can do. Using our visualizer tool, you can upload a photo of your window and see which covering you like best before committing to it. With plenty of styles to click through, you can be confident in your choice when it comes time to buy.

Our Photo Gallery

Even if you find it hard to design a room from the ground up, you probably know what you like when you see it. Whether you’re starting from scratch or only want to update your window treatments, head over to our photo gallery to get a better idea of your overall style and which treatments you prefer.

Bloomin’ Blinds’ Blog

Visuals aren’t the only thing you should use when designing your home. Of course, everyone wants their new room to be beautiful, but you also need to think about more practical things like ways to keep your kids safe, energy efficiency, and hypoallergenic options. If you simply go by what design you like best, you may end up regretting your choice a few months later.

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