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Custom Blinds in Rochester Hills, MI

Window Treatments Designed with Your Space in Mind

Want to upgrade the look of your office? Ready to give your living room more sunlight control? A set of custom blinds can be an excellent choice. But with so many to choose from, things can get overwhelming if you're not careful. The team at Bloomin' Blinds of Rochester Hills is here to help you with choosing and installing custom blinds. We have the experience needed to select the best blinds for your space at a given budget. We'll even take care of your blind repair needs!

What Are the Benefits of Blinds?

  • Light Control - One of the main functions of window blinds is light control. Blinds make it easy to control how much light you want in your space. It can also help prevent your furniture from being overexposed to sunlight.
  • Privacy Control - Control privacy in your home, especially in bathrooms and bedrooms. Blinds are great for providing all-around privacy in any room in your home or business.
  • Energy Efficiency - Window blinds are a great way to save on your energy bills! Keep them closed during warm months to keep heat from coming in. Keep them open during cold months to let natural heat in. These techniques will make it easier on your HVAC system to keep your home comfortable!

Window blinds were first created in 1769. Since then, they've become staples of window designs all over the world. From stores and offices to bedrooms and kitchens, blinds can control sunlight as you see fit. It'll add some style points too!

Get custom blinds in Rochester Hills now by calling (248) 516-0942 or contact us online to get a FREE estimate!

The Benefits of Blinds

Our customers choose blinds because of the following benefits:
  • Brown Wood Blinds Variety of Fabrics 
    & Styles
  • White Window Shutters Kitchen Cost
  • Brown Wood Blinds Living Room Top
  • Brown Wood Blinds Bedroom Remote Control
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More Benefits of Getting Custom Window Blinds in Rochester Hills:

  • Variety of Styles – They come in hundreds and hundreds of styles. From wood and faux wood to blue and red, the options and combinations are endless!

  • Affordable – Window blinds are very affordable. It's an easy way to add style to your home or office without breaking the bank. It is also easy to repair or replace if broken.

  • Motorized – To achieve the ultimate smart home, consider motorized blinds. Our custom options can help you close or open your blinds with a touch of a single button. Now that's convenient!

If you're ready to add a new set of custom blinds to your home or business, call our window treatment company today! Our window treatment designers and installation professionals in Rochester Hills are ready! We're excited to hear how we can help transform your space.

Ready to explore our selection of custom blinds in Rochester Hills? Give us a call at (248) 516-0942 or contact us online to request your in-home design consultation!

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Your first step to getting the blinds, shades, or shutters you're looking for is to call us and ask for a free estimate! When you call your local Bloomin' Blinds, a member of our team will meet with you at your home, to show you the both digital and physical samples for your windows. During your free consultation, you can tell us more about what you're looking for, from materials to functionality options. Using our cloud-based software, we'll measure your windows and provide a pricing estimate on the spot while still at your home.

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