My Motorized Shades Aren’t Responding To My Remote, What Should I Do?

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Anyone with battery-powered motorized shades will tell you that they’re one of the most convenient additions to any room. That is, until they stop working.

Like any appliance or electronic in your home, battery-powered treatments can run into the occasional problem after years of use — one of the most common being a non responsive remote. Before you call on the experts, try the following:

Troubleshooting a Faulty Remote

  • Check the batteries. It may sound silly, but we get calls all the time about “broken” remotes. In the end, the fix ends up being as simple as replacing the batteries. Though each brand has a different battery life, most remotes need new batteries every year or so.
  • Replace the remote. If you replace the batteries and your treatments are still not working, your remote may be malfunctioning. If you purchased your motorized shades through Bloomin' Blinds, reach out to us for a replacement.
  • Check the connection in your shades. The problem may not lie in your remote, but the blinds or shades themselves. Head over to your treatments and double check that all wiring is securely plugged in.
  • Is it a broken motor? If you’ve tried all of the above but your treatments still aren’t moving, the motor may be broken. A motor can fail for a number of reasons, including overuse, physical damage (like a ball hitting into it), or general wear and tear.

When it comes to fixing motorized treatments, forgo the DIY route and call on our trusted experts! With on-site repairs, you’ll never have to lug your treatments into our shop. Instead, we’ll come to your home or office to repair your shades — all you have to do is give us a call and you’ll receive a free quote. What could be easier?

Kevin Stuart About the Author: Kevin Stuart, Bloomin’ Blinds
Kevin has been a part of the Bloomin’ Blinds team since 2004. He is an expert in window covering repairs and has been known to finish even the hardest repair in 12 minutes and 26 seconds (the fastest Bloomin’ Blinds repair time yet). Kevin loves puzzles and values fixing things and bringing smiles to the faces of his clients.