Best Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Shade coverings over sliding glass door

Window Covering for Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors also function as windows, and it can be challenging to know how to cover them. Although it can be a challenge to find the perfect window treatment for such a large pane of glass, you do have a variety of window treatment options that pair well with sliding glass doors. Finding the right solution involves considering both aesthetics and functionality.

Options such as vertical blinds, curtains, and shades can all be tailored to fit the size and style of your sliding glass doors, providing both privacy and light control. By exploring different materials, colors, and designs, you can enhance the look of your space while ensuring your sliding glass doors are effectively covered.

Sliding Panel Track Blinds

If you are wondering which blinds combine form, function, and aesthetics, you may want to opt for panel track blinds for a modern look that is perfect for large windows. Their sliding panels are easy to operate, come in a variety of fabric options, and they have a clean and simple look. The reason panel track blinds work so well with sliding glass doors is that the vertical panels of woven fabric hang straight and they are easy to operate.

Customization options for panel track blinds for sliding doors include:

  • Light control: If you’re worried that you won’t have adequate light control with panel track blinds, you have options. The fabric panels are usually light-filtering rather than blackout, so you can maintain your privacy while enjoying natural light during the daytime.
  • Color and patterns: Panel track blinds come in a variety of colors and textures to make a statement or blend in with the room décor.
  • Control: You can choose between a wand, cord loop, or motorization.
  • Add-ons: Give your panel track blinds a more finished look by covering the exposed track with a fabric-wrapped valance/cornice.

Draperies for Sliding Glass Doors

Custom draperies for sliding glass doors are a great way to add softness to the room, and they effectively camouflage sliding doors. You can select the pattern, print, or solid color to coordinate with your living space, and a blackout lining can help control light.

Which Window Treatments Should I Avoid for Sliding Glass Doors?

Horizontal blinds are possible to install over a sliding glass door; however, they are very heavy when they span the width of a door. The cord, too, can be as long as 12 feet, and is unsightly when piled up on the floor, not to mention it poses a safety hazard. Another concern is the fact that blinds make a large stack when they are fully raised, and because a sliding glass door is so tall, the stack could be very large and force tall guests to duck to go out that door.

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