Family Owned and Operated Since 2001
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Family Owned & Operated Since 2001

Meet the Team

  • Charles Towe
    Charles Towe Portrait
    Charles Towe

    Charles is likely the most literal representation of “I’ll run right over” that you could imagine. Few things excite Charles as much as a vigorous blind repair appointment, but running could just be one of them. Having traveled all over the country to participate in marathons, Charles proves over and over that endurance comes in all shapes and sizes… when not beating the pavement in his tennis shoes, you will likely find him out on the bay in his boat, working a pole looking for tonight’s dinner. Feel free to invite yourself over, this family knows no strangers!

  • Kristin Towe
    Kristin Towe Portrait
    Kristin Towe

    One minute with Kristin and you sure feel like you just made a best friend. High energy and a welcoming presence are the calling cards for anyone in the Towe household, and Kristin is no exception. Show me a beautiful Carolina day and you will find Kristin in the middle of a long run, a sun filled bay or wrestling the nieces in the back yard. If you need something for your windows, we are the people to call…if you need a new best friend, we are DEFINITELY the best people to call.