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What Our Franchise Owners are Saying

  • Bert McGavock

    Bert McGavock

    San Antonio, TX

    "I wanted a system that I could jump into and use the tools available to succeed. Everytime I follow the "recipe" for success the plan works just like Bloomin' Blinds told me it would."

  • Greg Whatley

    Greg Whatley

    Choctaw, OK

    "Anyone looking at this franchise should know that these guys really do care about your success. I love the business and what it can mean to my family but nothing compares to how Bloomin' Blinds cares about our success and being part of our story"

  • Becca Buls

    Becca Buls

    East Dallas, TX

    "Being a franchise owner is one of the best decisions in my life. I know the founders very well and the support from the top can not be beat."

  • Josh Schroeckenthaler

    Josh Schroeckenthaler

    Milwaukee, WI

    "Bloomin' Blinds was an easy choice for me, adding blind repair to our business model is a true separator in our area and we are growing really fast."

  • Kyle Shriver

    Kyle Shriver

    Atlanta, GA

    "This is my first business and its been a work in progress. Anytime I needed support or guidance, Kelsey has been willing to spend hours working with me to help build a stronger business and increase my potential"

  • Mark Campbell

    Mark Campbell

    Fresno, CA

    "After 30+ years in corporate America, Bloomin' Blinds was such a great breath of fresh air. I am in control of my future and I have an incredible support team around me."

  • Greg


    Atlanta, GA

    "Franchising with Bloomin’ Blinds was the best decision I have ever made. The corporate office really helps to get your business started and money coming in."

  • Stacy Johnson

    Stacy Johnson

    Salt Lake City

    "Today I went to repair a continuous cord loop on two large blinds and it ended up in a quote on 2 other projects she’s been putting off because she didn’t like the last blind company she bought from. After pulling it down and quickly opening up the shades"

  • Derek Carter

    Derek Carter

    Springfield, MO

    "I was the very first franchise owner and I am so very proud of how the franchise has developed and grown over time. I love being an owner in Bloomin' Blinds"

  • Jennifer Duncan

    Jennifer Duncan

    Boulder, CO

    "Bloomin' Blinds has been such a great move for our family! We are having fun, making money, and the future looks really bright for our business."

  • Mike Autrey

    Mike Autrey

    Austin, TX

    "Just to throw in my two cents I just finished an $8,000 shutter order for a customer who I repaired a few blinds for a few years back. His exact words were “you did such a great job helping us with our last house we knew we would only use you for our new home.” His repair job was about $130. I have countless stories of similar scenarios. Repairs equals more sales, not less."

  • Deann Martin

    Deann Martin

    North Dallas, TX

    "I decided to become a Blommin' Blinds franchise owner because I wanted the financial freedoms it comes with!"

  • Javier Lopez

    Javier Lopez

    Celina, TX

    "What I love the most about Bloomin' Blinds Franchise is being my own boss, I get to set my own schedule plus I feel important based on the work I do."

  • Jeff Ward

    Jeff Ward

    Charlotte, NC

    "The technology used at Bloomin' Blinds is world class and it makes a huge difference in the work we provide."

  • Jeff Angel

    Myrtle Beach, SC

    "We have had wonderful success! I have been able to bring my wife into the business and now we get to build our future together. Bloomin' Blinds is the best!"

  • Adam Benincasa

    Long Island, NY

    "The technology that Bloomin' Blinds offers helps us stand out in the crowd. The innovation in the business model during COVID-19 helped us grow and stay on top."

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