Bloomin’ Blinds CEO Kelsey Stuart Featured on Franchise Business Radio, IFPG, Modern Business and In The Know Podcast!

Kelsey Stuart is the CEO and one of the original founders of the Bloomin’ Blinds franchise. Starting as part of a family business, Kelsey helped Bloomin’ Blinds evolve into one of the largest windows covering companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area over 17 years ago. He has recently been featured on podcasts and articles discussing the COVID-19 pandemic and its potential implications on business, including Franchise Business Radio, International Franchise Professionals Group, and In The Know.

He continues to not only provide our company with direction and support in these uncertain times amid the COVID-19 crisis, but he has taken the time to be interviewed and featured in a few key pieces of content discussing how businesses and franchises may develop from this crisis.

Franchise Business Radio

Our friends at Franchise Business Radio on Business Radio X discussed a multitude of things with Kelsey, including how he first sought out his original franchisees, as well as how the newest technology is continuing to shape the window treatment customer experience!

You can listen to the full interview here.

International Franchise Professionals Group

International Franchise Professionals Group, also known as IFPG, recently launched an interview show titled “COVID 19 — Franchise Leaders Respond.”

Kelsey Stuart was recently featured in a new episode of this show, where he had the opportunity to speak about how COVID-19 is shaping our world and what he has been able to do thus far to support his Bloomin’ Blinds franchise owners across the nation.

You can find out more information about their group, as well as listen to the full interview here.

Modern Business

In this Emerging and Essential episode, Ryan and Zack speak with CEO of Bloomin’ Blinds, Kelsey Stuart. We go through how they use technology to set themselves apart, what Bloomin’ Blinds has done to pivot in this pandemic and the great story behind why Kelsey got into the window covering business.

You can find out more information about their group, as well as listen to the full interview here.

In The Know Podcast

In The Know, a podcast dedicated to highlighting the businesses and people who know what it takes to deliver exceptional customer experiences, recently got the chance to feature Kelsey Stuart on a new episode!

In the episode, they discuss the difficulties that come with the modern customer experience expectations as well as the customer expectations that Bloomin’ Blinds strives to surpass every day!

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here.

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Kris Stuart About the Author: Kris Stuart, Bloomin’ Blinds
Kris has been a window covering expert in the industry since 2001. He has expertise in a wide range of window covering matters, including repairs, installations, sales, and administration. In his free time, Kris loves to spend time with his wife and kids, making them laugh, travel together, and trying new hobbies.