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Virtual Design Consultation

Simple Steps to Getting Started

Bloomin’ Blinds is happy to offer virtual consultations that will assist our team in getting insight into what products you are interested in. To help us understand what you’re looking for, we would like to gather as much information as possible before our initial meeting:

  1. Please explore our site – especially our photo gallery! – and then fill out as much detail as you can in the below form.
  2. Upload examples and inspiration - If possible, include pictures of your existing windows along with any inspirational photos you’ve found online.
  3. Download our measure sheet - take general measurements, and fill in that information on the form. Upload it back into the website for use in creating a quote for you.
  4. Submit your info - give us as much info as you can and we will set up a virtual consultation together!

Contact Information

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Project Details

Please help us understand the number of rooms and windows in your project and what types of window covering you may be interested in.

  • Please enter how many rooms.
  • Please enter how many windows.
  • Please select a timeframe.
  • Please select if any door.
  • Please select desired light control.
  • Please select preferred controls.
    • A window that has a curved upper (top) edge.
    • A series of glass doors that slide side to side a lead to an exterior area.
    • A door that swings open and has glass built into the door.
    • A set of doors that swing open and have glass built into the door.
    • A window or series of windows forming an arc in a room and projecting outward from the wall.
    Please select an option.
    • Reducing cords and strings to avoid interaction with children and pets.
    • Keeping the outside temperatures from coming into the room.
    • Room darkening - keeping the light out of the room.
    • Protecting the interior surfaces in your home from the damaging UV rays.
    • Improving heating/cooling expenses by adding insulating products on the windows.
    • Vertical blinds, Panel Tracks, Shutters.
    • Some products are exceptionally compact when raised up all of the way. It's almost like they aren't there when not in use.
    • Bottom of the shade lifts up and the top of the shade lowers down.
    Please select an option.
    • Painted or Stained.
    • Synthetic materials made to look like wood.
    • Synthetic materials made to look like wood.
    • Fabric material, Cloth.
    • Natural fibers, grass, reeds, bamboo.
    • High density plastics.
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Product Options

Please select all the options you would like to discuss further. Our products are hand-selected by our knowledgeble staff, who make sure to only offer the best products for our valued customers.

    • Thumbnail of Wood Blinds
      Wood blinds are a superb choice to give your room a sophisticated look while enjoying the ability to rotate open and closed. They're durable and gorgeous, with an incredible number of painted and stained colors.
    • Thumbnail of Wood Blinds
      Bring the beauty of wood blinds in a beautiful product that’s built to last. These faux wood blinds are available in a timeless palette of whites, greys, and stained wood tones. Wood stain colors are embossed with a beautiful wood grain.
    • Thumbnail of Wood Blinds
      Vertical blinds have been around for decades because they do what they do really well. Sliding out of the way and covering wide expanses can be accomplished with amazing colors and textures.
    • Thumbnail of Wood Blinds
      Mini blinds - or aluminum blinds - are a low-cost option with full functionality. They're easy to operate, clean, and customize - they're also some of the lightest blinds available and fit in most windows!
    Please select an option.
    • Thumbnail of Roller Shades
      One of the fastest growing trends in window coverings. Roller shades come in a wide variety or colors, patterns, light control, and privacy.
    • Thumbnail of Cellular Shades
      The very best insulator available in window coverings. Cellular shades are very compact when lifted and 100% private when lowered.
    • Thumbnail of Roman Shades
      Drapery with strings! Roman shades add beauty and sophistication to any room or decor. Available in 100's of colors, patterns, and textures.
    • Thumbnail of Bamboo & Grass Shades
      Bring the natural environment inside the house with Grass and Bamboo materials. No two woven wood shades are ever the same, so enjoy unique, natural beauty with privacy and light control.
    • Thumbnail of Sheer Horizontal Shades
      Sheer horizontal shades provide a modern look by combining the flexibility of a blind with the sophfistication of a roller shade. Sheer shades can be tilted to any angle, giving you control over the amount of light and privacy.
    • Thumbnail of Panel Track Shades
      Panel track shades are a fashion-forward alternative to vertical blinds. Sliding side to side, they cover large openings with style and grace. A wide array of materials to choose from .
    • Thumbnail of Exterior Shades
      Outdoor shades can be used for many purposes, they are best at reducing glare from the outdoors or enclosing a patio to keep the bugs out. The options are limitless. Outdoor and patio shades block UV rays and sunlight, but won't obstruct your daytime view.
    Please select an option.
    • Thumbnail of Wood Shutters
      Painted or stained to match your trim, there is nothing as timeless as a beautiful wood shutter. Custom paint and stain is readily available.
    • Thumbnail of Composite Shutters
      Beauty at an affordable price! By using top-tier polymers we can create classic shutters that will last a lifetime. Shutters are like furniture for your windows.
    • Thumbnail of Arched Shutters
      One of the best benefits of a wood shutter is that we can make any shape or size. No window is out of our reach and no shape is beyond our abilities.
    Please select an option.
    • Thumbnail of Motorized Shades
      "Alexa, open my blinds". Motorization is now a common part of window coverings and the costs have come down to very affordable levels.
    • Thumbnail of Motorized Blinds
      Set timers for when the shades raise/lower, control from a home automation, or simply stay in bed and enjoy the morning view. Anything is possible with motorization.
    • Thumbnail of Motorized Shutters
      Shutter are cool, but motorized shutters are just cooler. Control the tilt function of your shutters on your phone, with a remote, or on a timer.
    Please select an option.
    • Thumbnail of Sheer Drapes
      Bring in the light but add the elegance with sheer and light filtering drapery. The filtered light and soft glow adds beauty to any room you add them too.
    • Thumbnail of Stationary Panel Curtains
      Coordinate your window coverings with beautiful colors and textures while adding a layer of interest to the room. Stationary panels do not move, but they are beautiful.
    Please select an option.
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Additional Information

We will be using this information as a starting point during your appoinmtment with our team.
This will help us provide the best recommendations tailor to your needs and your home.

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