How Bloomin’ Blinds Paves the Way in Customer Satisfaction

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As a full-service window coverings franchise brand, we offer consumers all types and varieties of products. The general categories we provide are blinds (wood and faux), shades (roller, roman, cellular), plantation shutters (wood and composite) and vertical blinds.

We differ from other window covering franchises in that each Bloomin’ Blinds is a full-service location, including consultation, installation, maintenance and repairs. By doing so, customers love the consistency of our sites and often comment that they feel more comfortable with Bloomin’ Blinds because of our customer satisfaction rate.

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Focused On Quality

It’s important to emphasize that at Bloomin' Blinds, we don't choose what to sell to the customer. Instead, the customer comes to us for what they need. Depending on the desired product or need, we educate them on which product will meet their perfect conditions—leading to higher sales and higher customer satisfaction.

To reduce expenses throughout the franchise and keep our prices lower than our competitors, we’re focused on selling products with high dependability and functionality, which doesn't always lead us to brand names. Instead, we focus on buying products based on their quality and longevity.

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Premium Products Equal Premium Satisfaction

Thanks to our premium products, customers feel confident purchasing from Bloomin' Blinds. We train our staff to have in-depth knowledge of all things blinds and window coverings, so they know what happens to our products 5-10 years down the road and can assist any problems with expertise.

Although our products rarely break, we understand that things happen and repairs are necessary. Therefore, we take repairs one step further and consider ourselves a retail franchise and a repair franchise.

Repair invoices are 1/10 the customer purchases. By allowing customers to afford our repair service as an on-demand option, Bloomin’ Blinds experiences a higher turn-over rate for customers and a high percentage of repeat customers.

"Forty percent of our clients have us back out to the house within two years; that's three to five years sooner than the average," Bloomin’ Blinds Chief Executive Officer, Kelsey Stuart, said.

In addition to repair, Bloomin’ Blinds also offers window cleanings, blind cleanings and other revenue-growing services.

At Bloomin’ Blinds, customer relations is essential to our success in the window covering industry, and we know that by satisfying a customer today, you’re creating a long-lasting business relationship. Let’s start our relationship today.

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