Bloomin’ Blinds Takes Center Stage in Veterans in Franchising’s Latest Issue

To date, our family-owned window treatment franchise company services over 66 territories throughout the United States. With plans to expand our reach to a whopping 200 franchise territories within the next five years, many people wonder – how?

In the latest issues of Franchising USA, a monthly consumer publication bringing you all the latest news, expert advice, and information from the world of franchising, the CEO of Bloomin’ Blinds, Kelsey Stuart, was able to share some of the ways we’ve found such growth under a decade and how we continue to leverage what makes us stand out from the competition as part of their Veterans in Franchising series.

How Did Bloomin’ Blinds Go from a Garage to a Multi-Million-Dollar Franchise?

What truly helps Bloomin’ Blinds grow is our dedication to what makes us different from all those other window treatment companies. But what exactly is this difference? Kelsey boils it down to a few main differences to the Bloomin’ Blinds company. The first being our ability to repair blinds – even if we didn’t install them ourselves. In fact, Bloomin’ Blinds is the only franchise that offers this, providing a huge competitive edge among other providers.

Secondly, Kelsey shared that Bloomin’ Blinds’ dedication to technology is another key differentiator. Bloomin’ Blinds holds the latest tech in the world of window coverings, as seen with the latest implementation of our window visualizer and online booking. We even offer location tracking of our employees, so you know when they’re set to arrive.

Described as a “collection of window covering professionals that started a franchise,” Kelsey attributed the constant success and competitive edge of Bloomin’ Blinds to the experienced team of leadership. With so much experience and knowledge, the Bloomin’ Blinds team is always excited to share their wealth of knowledge with all their owners.

You can find the full publication and interview with Franchising USA by going here.

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