What Do I Need to Know Before Starting a Window Coverings Franchise?

What Do I Need to Know Before Starting a Window Coverings Franchise?

Becoming a business owner is no easy task. No matter the industry or business, it’s imperative that one prepares ahead of time to develop specific skill sets to ensure success. While our window coverings franchise is known for offering excellent training and support to our franchisees, there are several things prospective franchisees should know ahead of starting their business.

Bloomin’ Blinds COO Kristopher Stuart has a few key tips that will increase your chances of being successful:

Be Ready to Dive-In Right Away

While being a franchise owner provides you the support of the franchisor, you’re still in charge of growing your own business, and you should be prepared to work hard. Starting a business takes time, energy and effort, especially within the first few years.

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When someone invests in a Bloomin’ Blinds franchise, they must be ready to dive in right away. Thanks to the efforts of our digital marketing and comprehensive training program, we’re quick to get new franchisees launched. In fact, most of our franchisees complete their final training on Friday, with appointments already booked for the following Monday. Our franchisees are known to hit the ground running, which contributes to our overall success as a franchise.

Be Ready to Learn

Whether our franchisees come with background experience in the window covering industry or they’re new to the sector, they all must be ready to learn. The window covering industry is far more technical than most are led to believe. Our 90-hour training course provides a repeatable framework from which navigate those technicalities with poise and confidence when presenting to a potential client.

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“There will be a lot of information provided during training. That’s why it’s so critical for franchisees to arrive with a mindset where they are prepared to accept and process new information without external distractions. This is key to content absorption and will translate to higher initial sales once training has ended,” Kris added.

Ultimately, our franchisees are successful because they’re motivated and ambitious entrepreneurs who are willing to learn and adopt a proven and repeatable formula to grow their business.

Be Prepared to Follow the Recipe

One of the main reasons people decide to join a franchise is because they don’t have to start from the ground up, and they’ll get support at the corporate level. Bloomin’ Blinds was built on a solid system that’s been proven to work. We’ve already taken all of the guesswork out of business operations. Our methods are validated, allowing those who follow our model to focus on attaining new business and customer retention.


“Our most successful franchisees have similar attributes, one of which is the ability to follow a recipe. Bloomin’ Blinds has created and refined an extremely efficient, technology-driven business management system that requires adherence to its core principles to maximize the opportunities within,” Kris explained.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Franchise

After overcoming a trying year and coming out on top, expanding to 10 new markets last year and an additional 10-12markets this year, our window covering franchise continues to be a steady, trusted resource for window covering sales, installation and repair in communities across the country.

The resilience of our franchisees and our recession-resistant business model are just a few of the reasons why we were recently listed No. 67 on Entrepreneur’s Top Low-Cost Franchises list. If you’re motivated and interested in joining a franchise that’s growing in sales and expanding across the country, Bloomin’ Blinds could be a fit for you!

For more information about opening a Bloomin’ Blinds franchise, contact us by calling (855) 908-4047 or take the next step today.